Atlas Flame Saves Village! Demon Slayers – Fairy Tail 353


Fairy Tail 353 introduces us to an awesome character called Silver, he’s been described as the Demon Slayer, just like Natsu as a Dragon Slayer but for Demons. He was the man to which froze the whole village, however Atlas Flame remembers everything and uses it’s last remaining power to ignite it’s warmth into everything and everyone allowing for the ice to quickly disappear, due to this Atlas Flame’s residual presence fades while the giants are back.

Fairy Tail 353 begins as everyone realises that it’s the dragon from 400 years ago, Atlas Flame describes that for 400 years he’s been able to burn strong, Natsu asks if he’s alive while Atlas Flame denies this. Wendy has just used her Milky Way spell which brought him to appear. He’s memory is still a little jumbled up. The ice must have caused this to happen.

Wendy explains that residual thought may be based on strong will but it’s still very fragile magic. By being frozen part of their memory may have been damaged. Atlas Flame remembers the world being covered in ice, Flare asks what had happened. Atlas Flame begins to explain that he had mistaken a guy for something else, a single human had changed the world to ice.

Gray asks if it was done by an ice wizard, Atlas Flame explains that this man thought that he was a demon, thus he froze the entire village to eradicate him. He was an Exorcist Mage, a Devil Slayer! It seems like there is another type of slayer magic, from Dragon Slaying and God Slaying it seems. Gray realises that this is the reason why Gray’s try on his opponent a while ago worked.

Atlas Flame mentions that his memory is a little foggy, Flare explains that he is the Guardian of the village, the Flame of the Giants! She gets down and begs Atlas Flames for his powers to save everyone. Atlas Flame begins to remember it all, his tears and pain are the village’s sorrow and misfortune. He mentions that he will set the village free using his spirit and fire from Igneel’s son. He describes himself as the Fire Dragon and Guardian Dragon of the Giant Village.

It gets really warm, it begins to heat up, he mentions that he has begun remembering everything, Igneel, Dragon King Acnologia and Zeref. He even mentions that he remembers the most vile dark magic from the book of Zeref, E.N.D! 400 Years ago, Igneel was unable to destroy E.N.D!

It shines bright and all the villagers are beginning to turn back to normal. A large Giant faces Minerva and Erza, as he mentions something about humans running around their village, Minerva begins to escape. Erza tells her that she mustn’t let Darkness corrupt her, she replies by saying that she’ll be the one to corrupt the world. Everything is turning back to normal.

Atlas Flames’ residual memories have completely vanished, everyone is happy to see that the village is okay but Flare cries for Atlas Flame’s as he’s just save everyone. Somewhere else a lizard like man calls Silver that he must go to the Headquarters as all members of the Nine Ghost Gate have been summoned. He tells him to relax, as the only thing he consumes are demons! This man, Silver is from Absolute Zero, a member of the Nine-Ghost Gate (Tartarus Kyuukimon). Fairy Tail 353 ends here.

That was certainly an awesome chapter, to see such an awesome power from just one man is awesome. It’s crazy to see that Silver is also a Slayer just like Natsu. It should be awesome to see Fire and Ice go up against each other in their fight. However can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 354, titled “Effy Artis”.

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