A Beautiful Byakugan – Hinata Hyuga

hinata_by_tannany-d6gry37The beautiful Hinata has arrived, the incredible image was one that had to be featured due to the fact that it’s one amazing looking portrait of Hinata. The artist has done an amazing job of really bringing out those awesome and all-seeing eyes. Hinata truly looks amazing and living for that matter. What do you think of Hinata? Naruto can’t resist himself now can he.

I hope you liked the image above, Hinata looks awesome, that’s why I’ve featured Tannany‘s artwork. This drawing style is just fantastic, it also takes a lot of time and effort to get it to look this good. I hope you guys liked it. If you want more stuff like this, I highly suggest you go and check her out.

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  1. rheaaaa

    wow, dis is just marvellous, Looks totally real, It didnt look like a drawing to me at all, thought it to be an edited photograph, so talented!!


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