The Struggle to Get Away – Shingeki no Kyojin 48 (Thoughts)

Shingeki no Kyojin 48 (Attack on Titan) was indeed impressive but not what I expected. Reiner keeps on running with Bertholdt, Eren and Ymir with Christa in her mouth. The horses keep catching up, Mikasa gets close enough to strike Ymir, Christa tries to stop her while Mikasa gives her choices on who she wants to protect. Irvin on the other hands goes a different way by which he brings a ton of Titans behind him while facing Reiner’s Titan body.

Christa stops attack by MikasaShingeki no Kyojin 48 was great, it showed a lot of what we wanted to see like how they will stop Reiner and Bertholdt, which Irvin has covered. There are a few things I noticed in the manga which I thought were either weird or interesting and wanted to go through them and talk about them, the first being Mikasa’s rage, she obviously likes Eren, that’s why she does all that she does. She has no problem in killing Ymir, what I found to be interesting was how she told Christa that she had already chosen who she cares about most 6 years ago.

From this she goes on to explain that she has no heart or time to spare on people she has no care about. She gives Christa two choices, either Eren or Ymir. Unfortunately, Christa didn’t answer, however if she did pick Ymir, from this point on Mikasa would have not hung back on Christa too, furthermore if she picked Eren, that would break her point on how Christa is only on Ymir’s side, which is kind of hard to believe after all that’s been done. Christa also knows how strong Mikasa is and thus tells Ymir to stand down or else she’ll die.

Ymir Please help meThroughout the whole manga chapter, Ymir has been struggling on giving Christa her freedom, she hangs on to her as though she’s her toy and never wants to let her go. She finally explains that she’s scared of dying and thus wants to use Christa and her power as well as her family’s in order to gain some kind of immunity. Another point I want to raise is how Ymir acted when Christa was in her mouth, she wasn’t moving or struggling, however Ymir had to puke her own, it was as though these Titan’s have no desire to eat humans, they are human after all but should have some desire, however when she placed it in her mouth, she gagged her out, this could possibly link to how normal Titans do not absorb energy and sustenance from humans.

Reiner stops Eren's escapeBertholdt went crazy this chapter, after what Jean and Connie mentioned, he went crazy as he couldn’t stand how they were wording things. He shouts at them mentioning that they had no intentions of killing humans, they didn’t like doing something like that, even if they were killed, they did what was natural, what was done cannot be undone. He begins to cry, mentioning that they liked being soldiers and human, their other lives was what they most hated, telling Jean and Connie that it wasn’t a lie.

Irvin brough all tirans in front of Reiner TitanWhile he speaks, Mikasa stops his words asking to give Eren back, he says that he cannot and that someone has to stain their blood, to which they must kill them. Is it me or are both Bertholdt and Reiner crazy, bringing others who don’t have anything to do with them and just going for a suicide. Irvin appears in front of them with a lot of Titans behind them, seems like Reiner and the other Titans are going to clash, Irvin is tagged as the person will stain his hands with blood. I guess he’s probably the most qualified person to do such a thing. Overall it was a good chapter, not great but good. So what are you guys expecting to be in Shingeki No Kyojin 49, even more action I’m guessing. Comment below with your opinions and comments.

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