Tailed Beasts vs Naruto and Bee! Utakata’s Past – Naruto Shippuden 324

All Jinchuuriki's against Naruto and Bee

Naruto Shippuden 324 made a lot of people happy as well as sad for the fact that they didn’t like the spoiler like background from Utakata, which was a little boring to be honest. We get to the fight in which all Jinchuuriki’s are ready to go, while Naruto and Bee are also fully ready to fight. They enable their powers while Tobi realises that Madara has stepped in the battlefield.

Naruto Shippuden 324 begins with the Kage’s telling Naruto to back off a little as they are fully ready to head forward and defeat the notorious Madara. Naruto disappears and all other Naruto’s get the message, especially the one that has hit Tobi with his own face. His mask doesn’t crack. Naruto and the others realise that there are other Jinchuuriki’s there, they enable their jutsu and so do the others.

Bubbles begin to form which Naruto realises to be Utakata’s, it touches him. Naruto remembers the past in which Naruto is attacking Utakata and uses clones. Naruto and Utakata talks, they realise they’re both Jinchuuriki’s and go to a past moment in which Utakata has a girl called, Hotaru who’s her master. She tells her to wait by a rock while he goes to meet a few people in the forest.

He keeps on going until he finds an ANBU mask, he notices Pain there who explain that he wants the Six Tails. Utakata runs away until he changes into his Jinchuuriki form, he attacks back and strikes down two Pains, however Yahiko appears to be ahead of him, he traps him and from then on he nulls his powers disallowing him from using it. They use explosions to which it brings him out of his mode and makes him unconscious, his last moments consist of him sending a bubble message to Hotaru which slowly gets to her.

The bubble goes towards her and pops. Naruto asks why he went into the forest alone, he mentions that he was tired of the people and wanted to live in peace, he was going to talk to the ANBU but didn’t go to plan. He begins to feel that it’s all meaningless now, he hated his master that is why he could never be a master, however she called him her master.

She notices the rock and goes towards her, he sees her crying in pain, she mentions that she hurt Naruto and Utakata, however they’re both alive, she mentions that she should just disappear along with her curse, this is when Utakata mentions that she should listen to her master, they hug while she’s feeling her curse to grow stronger and somehow stops it. Utakata tells Naruto that he was a lost bubble however she gave him purpose  and had the will to live.

Naruto explain the ones controlling the Akatsuki was someone else. Utakata mentions that he’s told him his true feelings, the bubbles from before strike Bee and Naruto. The other Jinchuuriki’s begin to get involved and start their attacks while Naruto and Bee can’t seem to attack. Gyuki notices that these Jinchuuriki’s are powerful and have Rinnegan and Sharingan too.

Naruto begins to talk about Tobi, in which he mentions that there are two. Tobi understands now and instantly knows that Kabuto must have summoned the real Madara Uchiha on the battlefield with his Edo Tensei. Tobi laughs and mentions that he no longer cares about names, all he cares about is his Project Tsuki no Me. He needs Bee’s and Naruto’s power in order to perform this technique. Naruto mentions that his Bijuu doesn’t make his happy or sad, he promises to rip his mask off. The other Jinchuuriki’s begin their power up for the battle ahead! Naruto Shippuden 324 ends here.

A fantastic episodes, shame a lot of people disliked what was happened, however if you read the manga, you’ll understand what this leads up to, which will be awesome. Keep watching guys as next week we concentrate on another Jinchuuriki. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 325, titled “Jinchuuriki vs Jinchuuriki”.

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