Reader and Writer – Lucy and Levy

fairyuri_by_nicksor-d6fibikLucy Heartfilia and Levy McGarden are both part of the Fairy Tail guild, they’re both very good friends, possibly even family. But the image above speaks otherwise, they both obviously seem to be in love. Furthermore, both their possible lovers, Gajeel and Natsu could be very jealous at what’s going on.

The author has done a great job of drawing and colouring this fantastic work, go and check them out, Nicksor. Furthermore, I’d like to mention that if you think this work is sort of ecchi or adult then I’d like to reply here by saying that this is on the line, not fully adult and not fully PG. So please don’t hate on the post.

There are 2 comments

  1. ryuujinjakka

    Why would I hate on the post? I love people who do Anime-related art… and seeing as I totally suck at drawing/coloring/painting, I have all the more reason to admire this. Not to mention other reasons. 😉 😛
    Totally love this!


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