The Nine Great Jinchuurikis

jinchuuriki__collab_by_ssabinka-d6f7vxnThis fantastic artwork of the nine Jinchuuriki’s really looks awesome, from the one tailed to the nine tails, they all look awesome. Furthermore, the current situation in the manga, we know that most of the awesome Jinchuuriki’s have come back and are clearly with the notorious masked man known as Tobi. How will it go down, the manga speaks differently with a lot more incredible stuff going on.

The above image was a collaboration of many awesome fan artists such as Ssabinka, Yahik0, DEOHVI, Manlo74, CkayShirley, MaRaYu9, Hyugasosby and Bloodreal. They’re all amazing artists, so if you like the above artwork, I highly suggest you go and check out their awesome artwork on their page.

What do you think?

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