Obito’s Past and Tobi’s Identity Revealed! [Fan Animation Video]


If you ever wondered who Tobi really is and can’t wait for Naruto Shippuden to catch up, this amazing Fan Animation Video really shows you everything you need to know in concern with Obito as well as Tobi. The awesome job which the artists have done is a spoiler to those who only watch the anime. Therefore if you want to stay dedicated to the anime only, I highly suggest you don’t watch it. Nevertheless, it’s a great fan animation so go and check it.

However if you do, the fan animation is on point with the manga. If you like what you see, I highly suggest you comment and tell us all how you like the video. The awesome artists include Smyton4tw, Pich0010, Pagatcha, Thundared, Guga2Artes, Mellavelli, Rayjii and FranktheTankk. If you like the above video, tell us the best bits.

Source: CR

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