Yota’s Capture! New Friends – Naruto Shippuden 314

Everyone playing with snow

Naruto Shippuden 314 continues with Yota’s story, as more and more people start to know about Yota. Kiba and Akamaru join, and so does Naruto. They know what’s going on when they decide to play a harmless game. All of a sudden they lose track of Yota who is then captured by a number of ANBU members. Naruto mentions that they let him die.

Naruto Shippuden 314 begins as Sakura keeps on being called forehead for her somewhat big forehead. Yota seems to have gotten used to her already, it quickly starts to snow as a sign of happiness from Yota’s side. They first begins by using the snow as a playing ground, they play with snowballs, built an igloo and ride the snow. Ino is upset that she wasn’t able to give Sasuke some of her flowers, she gives a few to Yota.

Sakura and the others notice flowers on Sasuke’s bag who then quickly figure out that Yota did it, they ask not to do such a thing again because someone could notice him. However someone did, they figure out that it could have been Naruto. They currently don’t know who Naruto is. Sakura seems to be facing the current Yota who could attack her at any time, the others are also being attacked by he’s water and lightning.

Ino asks for her to be connected to Sakura, who also mentions that she’s facing Yota, Kiba also join the call and they figure out that there are currently three of them. Naruto arrives at a forest setting where he hears a fourth Yota whistling, Naruto remembers him.

We go to the past again when Naruto is approached by Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji. They are all angry at him for being so stubborn and for doing what he’s just did. They take him to the tree castle for him to look, it’s all torn down. They give Naruto the look that others give him, as though they’re judging him. He’s felt useless and runs away, even though he doesn’t know anything.

He runs off and gets lost, he meets a crying Yota who instantly recognises him, he mentions that he was doing something with his mouth to make sound, he asks him to teach him. They spend some time together while Yota is being told how to whistle when Naruto and Yota become friend. Kiba appears with Akamaru, they run towards him when Yota quickly climbs a tree and gets mad, this releases purple thunder towards Kiba and Akamaru.

Yota mentions that he doesn’t like dogs. Everyone appears and they also start to get attacked by the lightning. They begin by playing a game, mostly like hide and seek, they all get their places when Yota goes towards Naruto, he tells him to go somewhere else or he’ll get captured too. Naruto is the first to get captured, everyone tries to save themselves when Kiba gets all of them except Yota who doesn’t seem to be there.

They notice a rain shower out of nowhere, Sakura and the others quickly run at it to find that Yota’s been captured, the ANBU forces tell them that he’s under their custody now and that they will all be contacted in order to be interrogated. They try to fight but can’t seem to be doing a lot. Naruto now mentions that they left Yota there, they couldn’t do much and they allowed Yota to die. Naruto Shippuden 314 ends here.

It’s obviously getting slightly good for a filler, although it’s all somewhat expected, I think this filler story ends next week, after that, it’s most likely that another will begin quickly after that. Nevertheless I hope Naruto Shippuden 315, titled “Lingering Snow”, is better than this weeks.

There are 4 comments

  1. CAS

    Filleruto(Anime) is definately killing the Epic Shinobi War Arc! there is no plot development @ all t was bad enough wen dey started with da in canon fillers bt now these useless fillers? One Piece is still gna reign as da best anime until bleach comes back that is !


  2. JTMoodie2

    No. The side stories are pillars to the whole. And another thing, they are extremely heart-felt and inspirational. I’m 15 and I even began to shed tears when I knew it all about yota. About how hard their life is/was. It’s a story saying you should be thankful for the life you have and furthermore, to never forget who your real friends are and what you did together. So fuck you and your bullshit ass feedback


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