Ichigo Finds Zangetsu! Captains Go Train – Bleach 538


Bleach 538 has another amazing chapter as Ichigo is once again transported to Nimaiya Oetsu’s palace where he’s faced by a number of Asauchi’s. This time it’s different where they are all kneeling to him. Ichigo approaches one and finds that it’s Zangetsu with a mask! We see Hitsugaya go to train in basic sword fighting. Kensei, Hisagi and Mashiro are together practicing. Sajin enters a large cave to find a humongous dog where he may ask for training.

Bleach 538 begins with Isshin asking him where he’s going after getting a plan. We can see in his face that he doesn’t have a plan to what he needs to do. Nimaiya’s helper arrives and tells Ichigo that it’s time to go back. They quickly transport out of there. She reveals that Nimaiya had planned to send you back for one night and get him back after he’s changed, otherwise it would be useless.

Nimaiya appears, he tells him that he’s got a nice look there. He’s sure that he’ll be able to do it now. Ichigo gets up and as Nimaiya goes to say his next few words he notices something strange. All of the Asauchi’s don’t seem to be attacking him, they have all kneeled on the ground as though he’s their master. Nimaiya is surprised at this, Ichigo looks back and notices that he’s already picked one.

He holds one of them, and out of nowhere, their black skin starts to fade away, it starts to turn into what we know as Zangetsu! The hair is similar to Ichigo’s, when we look at its face, it has a Hollow Mask on! Nimaiya is impressed and tells him to come there, he decides to forge it again for him.

We move onto Soul Society where a number of Shinigami’s are training. They’re being trained on sword fighting, they’re told that they won’t kill any Quincies with bad stances. Some speak of how Hitsugaya has lost his Bankai and wonder about the whole division as they won’t have much power.

Hitsugaya appears there and quickly asks the trainer there to help and train him there. He mentions that he’s Bankai was stolen and that now his only choice is to fight as a simple swordsman. He wants to begins from the basics. They all seem to have continued training.

Hitsugaya thinks to himself that since fighting Aizen, he trained his Bankai to get it into a Real Bankai! However since it was stolen, there is no need to be upset about it, he must now look forward and try to train to become better. Somewhere else, Shuhei and Kensei are talking. Shuhei asks why he’s been taken there. Kensei tells him to use his Bankai, he mentions that this time his Bankai wasn’t stolen, but next time it might happen therefore they need more people that can do a Bankai.

Mashiro Kuna appears from the sky, she’s told to use her Hollow powers, Kensei tells Shusei that she’s strong when she’s a Hollow and that he’ll have to use his Bankai if he doesn’t want to die. Shusei quickly tries to stop it but Kuna punches him in the stomach. She also mentions that he shouldn’t mention that Super Vice Captain, Kensei reveals that he should know that he’s not as gentle as Kaname Tosen was.

This strikes a nerve on Shusei s he mentions that he’s always been looking up to him, however he should not badmouth Kaname Tosen. Kensei may have found something he can use in order to make him angry. Komamura is gone into a cave while his Vice Captain is training. A voice mentions who has arrived, Komamura mentions that it’s been a long time Oojiji. There is a large dog there, he mentions that he’s got the guts to come back there. Bleach 538 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, all the current Captains are training, even those who have lost their Bankai’s, they are does as much as they can in order to do their best to get stronger. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 539, this could get even more awesome!

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  1. Coyle

    I totally agree the story keeps getting more interesting with every chapter I’m looking forward to see shuhei’s bankai I think it will look amazing I’m kind of picturing a grim reaper look lol but the most I’m looking forward to is kenpachi zaraki I really want to find out what will become of him and the name of his zanpaktou and if he can attain bankai


    1. Sunite

      I too think the same, I hope to see Shusei’s bankai now, however I’d like to see Kenpachi’s Bankai when he’s fighting a powerful enemy from the quincy. A name would be good too 😛


      1. Linus135

        Yea I have to agree. Yamamoto definitely has to be dead considering the very violent death and MAYBE Unohana might be alive, but it wouldn’t be right for Kenpachi to be named such if she was..hence the point of their storyline. So..yea.


    1. Morrow

      (pardon my french, but) them still being alive would require a pretty big @ss-pull. plus then everyone would go all ‘well, ofc! Kubo’s a troll and they’re still alive -__-‘. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying i’m happy they’re gone, but bringing them back now would do more bad than good, imo.

      on a side note: i’m guessing we’re gonna have a flashback about Komamura’s past sometime in the near future o.O
      another side note: can’t wait to see Hisagi’s bankai!!! 😀


  2. geo92

    For a second i thought he was talking to yamamoto :’) i mean look at that beasts face they are similar 😛 i cant wait to see kenpachis bankai and grimjows second release those would be the most epic moments imo!!


    1. Sunite

      Loool look a little like him, a dog version of course 😛 I too can’t wait to see Kenpachi’s sword name, Shikai and even Bankai 😀 I hope Grimmy has evolve enough to be able to have a second release because Ulquiorra was the only one to be able to do a second release…



      As 4 ichigo this tym he’s gonna go bad ass with a new transformation,also i want 2 c kempachi in action wth monsterous reiatsu nd shikai


  3. Kisuke Urahara

    Is Oojiji-sama mean “Grandfather?” or it’s the name of that creature Sajin is speaking to? Either way, I think their related so………….here comes ANOTHER flash back………oh well…….I don’t mind 🙂

    (by the way………wasn’t Sajin’s ear cut off?)


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