4 Hokage’s Arrive! Team 7 Reborn – Naruto 631


Naruto 631 is another solid chapter with a bunch of great things happening. Minato arrives and shows off his great power by enabling his own Bijuu Mode, exact same as Naruto’s. The other Hokage’s show up and try to seal the Ten Tails. Sasuke shows up and mentions that he wants to become a Hokage too, Naruto also mentions the same thing, they all get ready. Sakura doesn’t want to be the odd one out so she also joins Naruto and Sasuke bringing Team 7 together!

Naruto 631 begins as Sakura asks who has just arrived. The Bijuu Dama which was sucked in by Minato arrives in a sea where it explodes. Minato introduces himself and tells them to get ready for the blast. There is a large blast and air and water. Sakura notices that he has Edo Tensei eyes.

Minato tells Sakura not to worry and that he’s on their side, he also thanks her for helping him recover, he then asks if she’s his girlfriend. Naruto jumps on the gun telling that she is more or less. Naruto is beat down which reminds Minato of Kushina and how strong she used to be.

Naruto reveals that he knew that Minato was coming, he also reveals that it was because of his Bijuu Mode he could do such a thing, the others are also coming. Hiruzen, Tobirama and Hashirama also arrive. Hiruzen reveals that Minato is as fast as always. Tobirama is impressed by his speed and how even faster he is. Hashirama wants for them to begin.

Everyone is completely shocked at how the first, second, third and fourth Hokage’s are all present in this fight. They realize that it was the Hokage that stopped that attack. They ask who used the Edo Tensei on them, it’s revealed that it was Orochimaru. Hiruzen reveals that they must stop this war. Naruto mentions that even more are coming, however they are a little late.

Madara out of nowhere shouts at Hashirama that he’s been waiting for him. Hashirama tells him that he’s going to take care of him later, Hashirama will take care of the Ten Tails now, Madara notices that this is classic Hashirama. Minato tells Naruto to rest for a while, he’s friends are coming too and he’s on our side. By he, this is Sasuke we’re talking about. All Hokage’s initiate their powers when Kurama notices Minato’s!

We view an amazing sight when Minato transforms into a Bijuu Mode! Similar to that of Naruto. Naruto tells Kurama how cool his dad is, Kurama tells him that he knew this better than Naruto as he performed a complex seal on him. Minato quickly adds his kunai around the battlefield and transports Tobirama and Hiruzen there.

They all do an hand sign and do the Ninpou Shisekiyoujin (Literally meaning Formation of the 4 Red Suns) which puts up a seal on the Ten Tails. Hashirama also adds his Senpou Myoujinmon! A grand seal has been added to which all of it’s tails are put down, plus a barrier has been added. Out of nowhere Sasuke finally arrives!

Sakura notices him, Naruto already knew that this was happening. They all notice that he’s arrived there, everyone goes towards him to ask why he’s there. Sasuke reveals that he decided to protect the village, plus he wants to become an Hokage! Everyone is shocked at this, Kiba tells him that he has no chance of becoming one.

Sasuke knows that he cannot but he does not care what other people think. He also adds that the Kage’s created this situation, he’ll just become Hokage and change the village. Naruto remembers what Itachi previously told him. Naruto doesn’t spare a second, he goes with Sasuke and tells him that he’s going to be the one to become Hokage.

Hashirama shouts at them, telling them that he’s happy that there are many Hokage candidates but they need to prepare their chakra as they must all do a combined attack! Naruto thanks Sakura for healing him, he also tells her to rest. He tells Sasuke that they must go into action. They head out, when Sakura also shows up. She mentions that Tsunade trained her like she would train another Sannin level. She’s almost done and nearly stored all the necessary chakra. Soon she’ll be able to use her full power. Plus she is a member of Team 7. Naruto shouts at Team 7 is finally reborn again!

What an intense and great chapter! Just with the current Seal the Hokage’s have could be hard for them to even do any damage to the Ten Tails, however when it transforms into it’s final form, there could be no stopping the Ten Tails! Can’t wait to see Team 7 finally fight together during next week’s Naruto 632 which is going to have a poster and color cover!

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  1. dreager1

    Well….Sasuke for Hokage eh? A nice dream, but I’m pretty sure Naruto will win that award at the end. Hopefully Sasuke doesn’t go all Madara on us and turn evil again after that. I thought this was a pretty great chapter as well and things keep on getting better and better. Minato learning how to use the 9 Tails Chakra in the couple of minutes since he’s been alive is pretty intense and show why he’s the greatest hokage. It’ll be good to see Team 7 take out the 10 Tails and then go after Madara, but will it be so easy? I think it could, but we’ll see. Meanwhile Orochimaru, Karin, and Suigetsu are gone…maybe to help the other Kages. Next week will be epic!


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I really want it to be hard for them, something that would either bring naruto, sasuke or sakura to the bring of death. I’m curios what Sakura’s real strenght looks like. I personally think this was the best chapter, even surpassing last weeks 😛


      1. dreager1

        Hmm, it’s tough, but I think I slightly preferred the last chapter. The art was a bit off in Sasuke’s scene (Though the author did say that he’s the toughest to draw) It’ll be good to see what Sakura’s true strength is…hopefully the villains are able to put up a fight


  2. geo92

    This chapter had so many surpises..i dont know how to discribe it i mean i am not sure if i should be happy that sasuke is good now…minato is such a badass..


  3. Tsumahan Dustin

    Hehehe Sunite how naught of you? Since when are you opposed to Team7?….I think it won’t be that easy if you haven’t noticed Madara has been holding back my Villain has a trick up his sleeve! Sasuke doesn’t matter to me #Team Madara


    1. Sunite

      Hahaha xD Team 7 are nothing compared to Madara 😛 but now Hashirama, and even Tobirama plus two other Hokage’s which is going to make it even harder for him lol 😛 I support Madara when he’s fighting Hashirama because he’s usually the underdog at that point 😛


  4. Kenny

    Also, what happened to the prophecy of the toad sage about naruto fighting the man with powerful eyes? Gasp!! Wait!!! It can’t be! Could it be that that man is tobi? Is the world coming to an end? NOOOOOOOO!!!! He he he, i think tobi is that man, after all, presently, he has the most powerful eyes in the series, one of a kind and no other. The eternal mangekyou and rinnegan lost their uniqueness when more than one uchiha got their eyes on it, but no other person has powers like obito except kakashi who simply has his other eye. Though, i will be surprised if the fight of DESTINY between naruto and sasuke has been averted.


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