10 Couples Likely To End Up Together – Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail

Which couples do you think are most likely to end up together within Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail? There are endless possibilities, therefore here are my thoughts on who I think will end up together as a couple. If you think differently, please comment and tell me which other couples should end up together.

naruto and hinata by unhaiNaruto and Hinata, possibly the most obvious couple within Naruto. From the very start, a shy girl likes an outstanding boy who doesn’t even know she’s alive. We start with both of these because it’s possibly the fan favourite and I’m sure that you’ll agree that they’re a good couple. Even in the latest manga’s Neji gives him his blessing that he should be Hinata since she’s always thinking about him. Hinata, in class, outside class and everywhere else has always been looking for Naruto, and when he’s around her voice changes into something that explains that she lives him. So what do you think? They should obviously be together right? [Image: unhai]

Sasuke_e_Sakura_by_DenebFlareSasuke and Sakura, yes, it’s has to be mentioned, even though it’s one of those relationships where it’s never going to happen, there is still a chance which I personally think will happen right at the end. That is after they’re either killed or something bad happens, nevertheless, I think it might happen. [Image: DenebFlare]

Shikamaru_and_Temari_by_sharingandevilShikamaru and Temari, not the biggest couple on the anime but one that is most likely to happen. I’m guessing that it’s not far from the now and that after the war, it’s most likely to be one that will happen. The war is most likely to bring a lot of couples together such as Shikamaru and Temari due to the fact that death will make them realize that life is short and that they should spend it with the person they most love. [Image: sharingandevil]

Ino_x_Sai_Kiss_by_GlaySai and Ino, I know what you’re thinking! What!! Since Shikamaru has already been snatched up, there are a few left such as Choji, Shiba and Kiba. However, Sai to Ino seems something which is most likely to happen, over the anime and manga, she’s obviously had somewhat bad interactions with the others, except when Sai showed up. She quickly asked who the new guy is in a more of a flirtatious way. Sai not having a lot of feelings didn’t pick up on it and thus didn’t make a move. Therefore I believe that as Sai learns more about feelings he will also learn to love Ino, therefore I believe that they are most likely to end up together. Yes, that makes no sense, but it’s just how I feel. [Image: Glay]

ichigo_and_orihime_by_girlunknown-d2xwktpIchigo and Orihime, another easily guessable couple from Bleach. Personally, I feel that Ichigo and Orihime will always be more of a likeliness over Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime has even confessed over Ichigo while he’s sleeping during the Arrancar Arc. She said her goodbyes, at the same time she confesses her strong and deep love for Ichigo. Furthermore, Ichigo’s always been there for her, when times are bad he’s always been there to save her with all his strength. [Image: girlUnknown]

Bleach renji rukia by washu-mRenji and Rukia, since Rukia and Ichigo can’t happen, the next best thing is for her to get with Renji. They’ve been friends from the very start, when she was still a child. She was also taken up by the Ulquiorra family which helped her. Renji and her are perfect. They know everything about each other and know their best thing and faults. So what do you think about them? [Image: Washu-M]

Bleach_OTP3__SPOILER_V2__Final_by_DakotaAngieUrahara and Yoruichi, they’ve spent so much time in the Human World that something would have had to happen. Especially since they’ve been alone for such a long time. They are one of those couples where you’d expect them to be together but there is no sign of them doing anything. Both are effectively spy life so you’d expect them to be able to hide that they’re together. [Image: CarnivorousCaribou]

fairy_tail__natsu_and_lisanna_by_odysseix-d46slc3Natsu and Lisanna, I guess you weren’t expecting this were you? I prefer Natsu not being with Lucy at the end. I like the story which was built when Natsu and Lisanna were together when they were young, thus I’d like them to be together. I’m okay with Natsu messing about with Lucy as he wishes and I know that Lucy may have some feelings for him but, no! [Image: Odysseix]

gray_x_juvia_by_misslimetiger-d5mc9pxGray and Juvia, are possibly the best couple within Fairy Tail. They met in a battlefield when Juvia instantly fell in love with Gray. After joining Fairy Tail, she chased him down. I’m certain that Juvia and Gray are most likely to happen, ever since they have similar powers, as well as fighting together against others such as Lyon, who also liked Juvia. Juvia loves Gray, does Gray love her back? [Image: MissLimeTiger]

erza_and_jellal_by_quantia13-d5d8hbsJellal and Erza, a couple which seems to be forbidden by both people involved. One belonging to the light while the other was born in the dark. Erza from her young age started having feelings for Jellal, he also had a few until he completely changed into something both did not saw coming. He became a dictator and made everyone work, even Erza. It was as though all his feelings were wiped. They cannot be together now, but what about the future? [Image: Quantia13]

So who’s been you’re favourite couple so far? Do you agree with what I’ve said? If yes, please tell me. If you hate the combinations and can’t stand what I’ve said. Please do tell me using the comment section below! Hopefully you’ll have a few opinions of the combinations of couples above.

There are 44 comments

    1. Sunite

      Hmm I was thinking of the same thing lol, first I thought it could be Loki (Leo) but he’s a Celestial Spirit and she’s a human, could they be together? I wanted to include her but didn’t know who with.


  1. Rhea

    i like Lucy ending up with Natsu after all coz their chemistry is incredibly sweet and warm…also Natsu seems to care for Lucy more than towards anyone else, loves to team up with her and drag her everywhere he goes although in a more childish nd innocent manner, after all what more can you expect from him….nd I think Sasuke would not end up with anyone after all coz he is a loner and will always be….he does not care about anyone else abd love & relationships except his powers and his revenge…though every other female who seems to lay her eyes upon him falls in love with him, other than these all the other couples are simply loveable 😀


    1. Sunite

      With Lucy and Natsu, they seem like brother and sister, they might have just had the recent thing about flying naked lucy but still…
      If you think Sasuke will always be bad, then Karin seems like she’s going to follow him forever. Lool agreed 😛


  2. 4theluvofgin

    I know I know before I even say it but I while heartedly believe that gin and rangiku were together or will be reunited in death, I think rangiku might die because her past is apparently important and whenever a past is usually revealed its usually because that person died, just a thought though and I hope she knows his true intentions ❤


    1. Sunite

      I really really! wanted to include them, I even believed that they would get into one, but Gin’s possibly dead so I didn’t want to include him because of this. :/


      1. 4theluvofgin

        I confess to be the one who fought that he is possibly alive and I must also admit I cried, but kubo has confirmed him dead in an interview in germany


  3. Happy!Face

    I don’t agree with most of these, but the major one i don’t is Natsu and Lisanna! To me I will Love to see Natsu and Lucy together… Natsu and Lisanna may have grew up together, but more like just friends (brother and sister). And Lucy will have a future together.

    (Remember This is just My View of Things)


    1. Rhea

      I especially like Naruto & Hinata nd also Erza nd Jellal`s forbidden love….as for other expectant couples you can also include Levy & Gajeel nd also Lee & Tenten….dey might end up together after all..


  4. Sara

    Lucy and Natsu are my favorite couple ever besides the couple from Inuyasha… so I don’t really want Lisanna to be with Natsu, PERIOD. All the other ones are okay but I also want erza to be with gray. Just my opinion though!:)


  5. Natsumi

    I personally think of Natsu and Lissana being better off as siblings. I mean, when you think about it… when he promised to marry her, he probably didn’t know much about. Lucy and Natsu, Natsu broke the charm spell. But he didn’t to the rest of the girl crowd.


  6. Anon X

    a large amount of couples on this list are biased, I don’t see Naruhina happening despite she confessing her love to naruto.
    and I don’t see IchigoxOrihime happening also since he loves rukia, same goes to SasukaXSakura, he NEVER even liked her to begin with.
    he always thought of her as an annoyance rather than viewing her as romantic interest, and RenjiXRukia is also VERY unlikely to happen because she sees renji as friend and she also has feeling for ichigo so…NOPE.


    1. No.

      Um, are we reading a different manga? ‘Cause I don’t remember any chapter where Ichigo and Rukia explicitly say they love each other. Ichihime is as likely to happen as Ichiruki, if not more since Ichiruki was friendzoned by Kubo himself.


  7. snowstorm379

    I like the NaruHina, SasuSaku, and Shikatema part but SaIno seems too crackish for my taste. Same goes for IchiHime, Nali, and RenRuki.


  8. Jessica

    First time i read about someone other than me shipping for Natsu and Lisanna. it seems like everone is just all about Natsu and Lucy but i love the story behind Natsu and Lisanna, their the perfect couple!!!!


  9. enfristad

    NATSU WON’T END UP WITH LISANNA. It’s obvious that it’s gonna be Lucy in the end. You got this one so wrong. There are no more latest and relevant interaction/moment between NALI.

    Grabbing boobs isn’t what Natsu doesn to his “sister.” Plus, even without that boob-grab, all the tender moments between them, all the hug, all the worrying for each other… really, reasons/moments/hints that point to Natsu and Lucy in the end is too numerous to even enumerate. Even Asuka thought Natsu and Lucy were already married.

    You listed this one based on your “preference” alone. No concrete hints/evidence because there are none. What they had was puppy love. They were kids for Christ’s sake.

    So I’m sorry, most likely, you’ll be disappointed on this one. Natsu is gonna be with Lucy at the end.


  10. Clöe watts

    I vote Natsu and Lucy, I mean have you seen the first episode. When Lucy is under the love spell with all the other girls. When Natsu walks in Lucy is knocked out of the spell while the other girls are still under it. The reason for this is that Lucy found the person she was destined to spend the rest of her life with.


  11. Sarah

    I absolutely love all the couples here, specially NatsuxLisanna, IchigoxOrihime, ErzaxJellal. I am pretty sure the others will happen but I do doubt about NaLi, I reaaaaaaaaaaaally do hope they will happen.


  12. Rin

    Uhm, sorry but Nalu is pretty much set canon. This is titled most likely couples but Nali is definitely not one of them. I recommend changing the title because Nali is extremely unlikely at this point. (Mashima posted the Christmas special, Nalu pictures on his Twitter, ect.) seriously. This is completely biased (except for the already canon pairings). The title is very misleading. Lisanna does not talk to Natsu and we are not shown that Natsu even talks to Lisanna. (Manga).


  13. kurasaki progress

    me personally want the ichiruki orihime should end up with ishida she is too annoying for kurusaki and natsu lucy are perfect my best charater was gin his dressing his smile he is just my badass his death was a big time fuck up by tubo but sasuke changed at the end marrying sakura


  14. Anna Nicole

    i think ichigo and rukia will be together (1)ichigo is a shiba one of the noble clan in the soul society (2) two months two they spent two months to be together in the world of the living and when rukia say if ichigo come to the soul society to save rukia she could never forgive ichigo and he will die. but ichigo come to the soul society and save her


  15. Adzim328

    I really-really love it, if natsu and Lucy couple in the end.cause they are perfect for each other.Have you notice nalu sweet moment in op Fairy tail 15 , 16, and the first movie fairy tail .At op 15 they head each other, Lucy cryied with happiness and natsu has warm smile on his face.op 16 Lucy hug natsu at the back.In the movie natsu cuddle lucy. And if you read the latest arc on manga, Lucy worried natsu.I am completely positive that they become couple in FT.


  16. Arabella Vivienne

    Natsu and Lucy end up together and married with at least one child I know of, soooooo Natsu and lisanna are just childhood friends who played house together like a lot of kids do. Just because they grew up together and were friends doesn’t mean they will get married, they probably feel more like brother and sister. The chemistry between Lucy and Natsu is apparent in so many ways and they keep getting closer and closer to confessing their feeling for one another and show each other their true feelings all the time, actions speak louder than any words can!!! Sorry to the people who wanted Natsu to be with Lisanna….


  17. Shippingrules

    You had guess the naruto couples pretty well, because the ones you had mention all of them are canon! However I still hate the fact that sasusaku canon, I don’t think sasuke loves sakura and there is no positive development between them.
    For fairy tail couple I must say that NaLu is going to be canon though I love both nalu and nali but Mashima had said on an interview that Nalu is going to have a child. I’m pretty sure the big four couples in FT will be canon, as for my favorite is JerZa, they are just perfect for each other and damn hot!

    As for Bleach I agree with you as well, I think IchiHime is the only romance that explicitly explore by Kubo. Sooner or later they are going to be canon, it’s just unbelievable if they don’t end up together after Kubo built Orihime feeling for Ichigo from just a mere crush to something that deep af and after Ichigo shows hints that he actually interest in Orihime as well, what more to say… It’s gonna be canon.
    Renji and Rukia probably will end up together too, they are basically mate since they are little. They have been through thick and thin together, they knows exactly what is best and what is worst for each other. I already see them as married couple.


    1. Sunite

      Totally agree with you there, it seems like a lot of these are great to see. Along with Bleach, I heard somewhere that Kubo doesn’t want to make Bleach a love-couple-type anime, he wants to get on with it and sprinkle a little bit of love and caring on top. I don’t think Kubo will concentrate on Ichigo and Orihime in it’s entirety.


  18. Moira

    Next best thing fir Rukia You say…. Please Actually Renji is the best thing.. Those two are better couples than Rukia and Ichigo…


  19. ahmad hassan

    Natsu should end up with lissana because lissana was in love with natsu ever since their childhood but I want another character to appear who would end up with lucy as she is more like a sister to natsu than a gIrlam friend


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