Isshin meets Masaki! Aizen’s Hollow Explodes and Urahara Appears – Bleach 533

bleach_533__aizen_by_ar_ua-d615gme bleach_chapter_533_isshin_kurosaki___coloured_by_acetrainerkayden-d614dv0 urahara_bleach_533_by_millochibi-d619bxe katagiri__colored__bleach_533__by_beyondyourmemory-d61e05eMasaki introduces herself Urahara notices Masaki Ryuken Masaki is alright Black Hollow Explodes Aizen is happy about the resultsBleach 533 epic showdown between Isshin, Masaki, the Black Hollow and Aizen’s crew ends with the Black Hollow exploding into the skies with such a massive force. Aizen tells Kaname that their experiments are just beginning, Isshin lies about his report as he doesn’t mention a Quincy. At the end Urahara bumps into Masaki, knowing that there is something going on there, he possibly notices the large explosion.

Bleach 533 begins as Gin, Kaname, Aizen and even Isshin notice the fantastic attack in which Masaki delivered to the Black Hollow. It’s mask breaks and the fragments burst into a million pieces, out of nowhere, the Hollow changes quickly, a large beam of light appears from its body as though its going to explode whilst Masaki is right within it’s explosion range.

Isshin quickly drops towards her in an attempt to help her so it doesn’t explode in front of her, a large explosion occurs right in front of their eyes, at this point, Masaki seems to be protected by Isshin while Aizen and the others watch on. Masaki notices Isshin on the floor, she asks if he’s okay, he mentions that he’s fine he also mentions that he just got saved by a girl.

Masaki mentions that he was the one who saved her, if he wasn’t there to shield her, she would have be wounded, he mentions that he wants to call it even, she mentions for him to not move as she’s going to heal him. Masaki is asked how she defeated and who she really is. She thinks of a way to answers, she knows that the Shinigami’s and Quincies haven’t been on good terms.

She quickly bursts out mentioning that she’s Masaki’s, a Quincy! Isshin is shocked at this fact, he has a serious glint on his eyes, he then changes his face expression, mentioning that it’s the first time he’s actually met one. He then goes onto mention that he feels kinda special to be able to see a real one.

Masaki thinks what is wrong with him, is this how Shinigami’s really are, she wonders if they’re all like this, she hopes they are, if they are like this, Ryuken and his aunt would react different towards them. Ryuken and Katagiri watch on, he mentions that it’s all right now, there seems to be no issue with her telling Katagiri this.

At Aizen’s labs, Kaname mentions that everything is going wrong, it blew up thus meaning that it reached the final stages of the transformation, and because of that Quincy, it was all a failure. Aizen goes on to mention that everything is not gone wrong, when things stray off the original goal, sometimes it’s because they’re surpassing it.

He mentions that what happened was obviously not predicted. A hollow created from a dead shinigami actually chose a Quincy to fight, a being opposite to it. Aizen asks them if they don’t want to see what is head of this research. Isshin faces Yamamoto telling them about his report, he doesn’t mention anything regarding to Masaki or the Quincy.

Yamamoto mentions that what happened was kept to a minimum thus he will overlook his violation, he thanks Yamamoto for this. Mayuri mentions that he believes that it was still bad for him not to obtain the body of the mysterious hollow. Yamamoto asks if he isn’t leaving anything else out which could be useful information, he tells him that there is nothing else.

Masaki in class thinks about how Isshin is doing, if he’s going to return to Soul Society properly or if something else happens to him. She mentions that she should have asked for her name, at the same time, Isshin thinks about her, mentioning that some Quincies are still alive, she saved him, she was also brave to mention that she was a Quincy in front of him, he thinks if she should ask her more questions. He thinks that he should meet her so ask her more questions.

Masaki leaves to go home, her friends mentions that she and Ryuken live in the same house, Masaki mentions that their cousins and there is nothing between them. Plus he’s not her type thus, one of her friends mentions that even if they’re cousins, he’d still make her horny. Masaki mentions that it’s dirty and thus tells her friend to scold her.

A person get closer and closer to her, he gets closer and closer to which she gets a strange feeling, she looks down and it seem like she’s hit someone in front of her. She says sorry, the man looks back and mentions that it’s okay. He keeps on walking and so does Masaki and her friends. Masaki walks on with her friends while this man, Urahara appears and looks back! He knows that there is something going on! Bleach 533 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, Bleach is definitely getting better and better! Urahara’s appearance is definitely mischievous, and Ryuken’s attitude towards his future wife could have been more caring. Aizen’s plans are also making more and more sense. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 534 when this awesome story continues!

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