Sasuke to the Battlefield! Hokage’s Ready To Fight – Naruto 627

a_bit_of_hope___uchiha_and_senju__manga_627_by_jayto91-d61jwon joining_the_battlefield___naruto_627_by_itashio94-d61ezbc naruto_shippuden_627___of_course_i_will_come_to__by_espadazero-d6199s5 naruto_627_hashirama_by_ksop-d618e53 naruto_manga_627__by_matrksinw-d618n53Sasuke to go to battlefield Hashirama Tobirama to go battlefield Minato and Hiruzen to go battlefield Sasuke to choose his decision Sasuke remembers the speech from ItachiNaruto 627 doesn’t leave us hanging as it properly illustrates what will be the most exciting thing to happen in Naruto. Sasuke finally chooses what he’s going to do, which is to leave with Hashirama’s story and decide to join the fight, he won’t let his brother’s or village’s efforts go to waste. Orochimaru also gives the Hokage’s full control to which they’ll go to help defeat Madara.

Naruto 533 begins with Sasuke repeating Hashirama’s meaning of what a Shinobi is, Hashirama’s goal was to build the village but Madara found another way, to which he can erase the shinobi world. Sasuke tells him that it’s the Infinite Tsukuyomi which will use his Genjutsu to which he will be able to control what ever he likes after getting everyone’s control.

What Itachi, Madara’s brother and Hashirama tried to protect will turn into nothing, everyone notices Sasuke’s just said. Itachi was the one who inherited his will despite never having heard about it from him. He endured far more than he did and died a proud shinobi of the leaf. It’s ironic that in the end, the one shinobi that understood Hashirama was a Uchiha.

Tobirama also goes on to mention that it wasn’t just his brother, there were some subordinates which he had which were there to protect the village, for example Kagami Uchiha. Sasuke asks if he didn’t hate the Uchiha. Tobirama mentions that this is not completely true, he simple thought that they should be careful of clans that pose a danger to the village, the Uchiha were this.

It’s true that they were very devoted, there were also many just like his brother which surpassed the boundaries of their clan for their village. Hashirama thought that the village would break the boundaries of this, but it wasn’t that simple, Hashirama was too soft, his role as the Second Hokage was toe mediate between them while protecting and reinforcing the village.

Hiruzen mentions that Kagami’s son, Shisui Uchiha was also a friend of Itachi, he was the same which inherited the will. However, Hiruzen blames himself for letting Danzo’s darkness take care of a part of the village. Sasuke mentions that he had killed Danzo for his revenge, he declared that he was also just protecting the village. Hiruzen mentions that all he did was make mistakes.

Minato steps in to tell him that it’s not his fault, he did a great job, he died when Kurama attacked, he also had high hopes for Minato, however after he died this fell short. Orochimaru mentions that he left Orochimaru out in order to choose Minato. Suigetsu asks if Orochimaru’s sulking, he mentions that yeah since they’re in front of the third. Minato mentions that if he had lived, he would have stopped the Uchiha force.

Orochimaru asks Sasuke what he’s going to do, will he be destroying the village or do something else. Sasuke remembers the last words from Itachi, at the end he chooses to go to the battlefield, he won’t let the village and his brother’s efforts go to waste. Hashirama agrees then tells Tobirama to prepare to fly outside.

Tobirama mentions that they’re still bound, Orochimaru is asked what he’ll do, he prepares to follow Sasuke and at this point, he’ll give them their control back. Suigetsu mentions that he’s surrounded by idiots, he needs a way to escape. They get outside, Hashirama likes what he sees, Suigetsu goes for the run when Karin appears, she detected Sasuke’s chakra and followed.

Orochimaru asks if Sasuke’s still her soft spot, she gives Sasuke a hug, Suigetsu judges and mentions that their forces will definitely surprise Madara. Hiruzen asks why he is cooperating with Sasuke, while he was inside Kabuto he realized that when he was copied it was a bad choice from him. He’s just interested in Sasuke’s different path, unlike Kabuto, Sasuke didn’t try to imitate him, thus he’s interested.

The Hokage’s get up and go to their faces, Minato mentions that he can finally meet Naruto, this time he will be able to make up for everything he wasn’t able to do as a father, he’ll also bring him a big present. Hiruzen mentions that it’s his big fight in a while, he’ll have to stay focused. Tobirama mentions that this time he’ll definitely crush him. Hashirama mentions that he’s excited to meet his long time friend.

Every era has its battles, but this will be the last war, mentions Hashirama when Hiruzen and Minato land on their faces. He also shouts for them to quickly go after Hashirama and Tobirama land on their faces. The strongest soldiers have finally arrived and ready! Naruto 627 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, they’re finally ready to go to the battlefield, however it’s most likely that it will take a few more chapters until they finally reach the amazing battlefield. It’s also most likely that they’ll reach there while Naruto and the others are at the end of their lives. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 628 when we see more awesomeness!

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    1. Sunite

      How do you know that Sasuke’s going to fight against Madara and Tobi, sure some of the evidence such as what he said about fulfilling the village and his brothers wills etc… points that he’s going to fight against them…
      But he should also realize that if Madara got everyone in his genjutsu, there would be no war, no peace, just Madara controlling everyone, which against means that there would be no bad thing…
      Well it seems like I still want Sasuke to go to the dark side lol


      1. dreager1

        Well, I’m pretty sure he’ll go up against them. I mean, he said that he has to stop them from doing the genjutsu because it will erase everything that Itachi tried to protect. There would be no war, but also no life. Better to die on your feet, then to live on your knees…or something like that 😛

        Personally I’d prefer him on the dark side as well, but not to help Tobi and Madara, but to be his own leader (Like with Taka) He’s still not totally in the light though. After he helps to defeat Madara and Tobi, he’ll probably have to become a wandering ninja. I don’t think the village would accept him back…though maybe they will. The 4 hokages are pretty bigshots in the leaf and he’s on good terms with them


  1. deucee9s2wylde

    The ending is so BEAST! I never would’ve thought of them using the stone faces like that. They couldn’t have made a better entrance onto the battlefield. Minato will be so proud of how far his son has gotten. I think all the Hokage will be impressed, even Sasuke and Orochimaru. I’m so anxious to see next week’s chapter.


        1. Sunite

          Yeah they did, I guess Mangareader/panda are useless, they can’t even get the stupid breaks right, nor can they get 2 page spreads correctly done like the last page.



    Nice chapter ,Its good that Sasuke still has some sense left, and it also seems Naruto will soon lose his spotlight in the war, and we will get to see Tobirama fight ,the creator of the two strongest Justu’s in this series can’t wait for them to get to the battlefield.


  3. deucee9s2wylde

    Minato’s present to Naruto… I have a feeling it’s the other half of Kurama’s chakra that he sealed away. They would really start kicking ass with that. I’m excited to see the original Squad 7 back in action. I can see Kurama wearing the Susano’o like a suit of armor. It’ll be ironic to have Madara’s technique used against him.


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