Hayate Sealed! Yugao moves on – Naruto Shippuden 308

Yugao sees Hayate dead Saskura is hurt Shadow Clone Hayate fights Yugao's technique Hayate and Yugau practice Hayate and Yugau hug Yugao and HayateNaruto Shippuden 308 carries on with its filler episodes, in this particular episode we see the end of the story between Hayate and Yugao who are lovers. Once Hayate is released off with the scroll, Yugao is told to go and get the scroll back, she tries hard to forget the old memories and to try to fight to seal her own lover. She successfully does so, personally I find these fillers boring.

Naruto Shippuden 308 begins from the previous episode as they all quickly go to chase Hayate and the scroll. Sakura is a little concerned to see that Yugao may be compromised when she goes to get the scroll back. There is a flash back when she’s forced to go and get it. She is asked where they’ve gone after their smell disappears, she finds it.

She goes on to remember the moment she and Hayate were in love, they were practicing their sword skills in which Hayate was definitely better, with his Transparency skills he can do a lot with it. She’s asked information on his skills, which she reveals. They go on a head to find the three of them. Hayate remembers the moment he saw Yugao.

Both groups meet, the first person is quickly sealed, there is a second and Hayate left, the second enemy mentions that they should split up their enemies, he creates a shadow clone and goes, Sakura and the other go to get the others while Yugao and another stay behind to fight Hayate.

He seems to be well matched up against Hayate, however after doing a skill, Hayate gets him in a crucial hit, Hayate notices that he’s going for Yugao, she starts to run away after she’s unable to handle a sword which is thrown to her. She remembers this when she see’s his dead body.

She runs away when Hayate tries to attack her, but her team-mate gets in the way.The second enemy fighting Sakura is sealed away. Hayate then has time to escape at this point. Both the shinobi’s who tried to help Sakura and Yugao are harmed. Sakura notices that Yugao is not fine, she talks to her, asking what happened in her past which caused all of this.

She goes on to tell the past where they always trained together, she was chosen to be in the ANBU while he was the Hokage’s personal guard. He gives her a hug and tells her that it’s dangerous but he’s proud of her. One day when three ANBU’s die, he goes to see them, Yugao is there alive, they talk about Orochimaru’s needs and what he’s got planned with Kabuto. Hayate is given the order to go to see what they’ve got planned during this night.

After his death, they all find out, even Yugao finds out what’s going on, she’s unhappy by all of this. During Orochimaru’s attack they all keep on going, Yugao has nothing to do except for fight for everything, she has to fight in order to keep Hayate back, after a long day, she notices that after all the fighting, nothing has happened, she’s not even able to fighting nor handle a sword.

She tells Sakura that they were connected by the sword fighting they did, Sakura explains that she was also unable to help the man she used to love, thus she goes on to prove a point by going to find Hayate and fighting to fight. Yokaze arrives and gives her a sword to which she can fight, she’s unable to hold it until she takes the sword.

Hayate and Sakura fight, Sakura seems to have the upper hand when her attacks are compromised as Hayate uses his technique to get Sakura in his attack. She falls down and out of nowhere, Hayate arrives and uses his sword in order to attack her. He feels bad for this, but then realizes that what he attacked was a clone.

Hayate notices Yugao, she mentions that she’s there, he says thanks for her arrival. She tells Sakura to go and get the sealing corps in order to get him, since he doesn’t die. Yugao and Hayate use the same technique to which they both attack each other with clones.

They both use their special techniques to which it seems that Hayate and Yugao received small injuries. She mentions that she regrets making that promise which meant that she will do anything for him when the times comes, Kabuto tries to take his whole mind, he attacks out of nowhere, we notice that he’s missed, while Yugao has gone for his body. Sakura shows up when Hayate says his goodbyes. He’s sealed and Naruto Shippuden 308 ends here.

More stupid fillers coming next week, hopefully they’ll involve something more than just crap story line, I know that they’re trying to fill missing holes for individual people, however sometimes that can just be boring when they’re not very known, Naruto Shippuden 309, titled “An A-Rank Mission: The Contest”, returns with more fillers.

There is one comment

  1. obstructedbynone

    What? MORE filler? Oh mah God why? “Oh hey, it seems like the anime is really behind the manga, how about we solve the problem?”

    “Why, sure, nothing that some good filler can’t fix!”
    Seriously, what are they thinking? This filler didn’t even have the best animation for its fighting. The Chikara filler arc was at least forgivable with its decently animated action. Bleh, sorry for the nerd rage. 🙂


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