Zaraki Respects Unohana – Fight Continues – Bleach 524

zaraki_kenpachi_524_by_dflesh-d5sjozt i_used_to_look_up_to_you_by_nanfe-d5skfzo zaraki_kenpachi___bleach_524_by_rechever3-d5sisqq unohana_524_by_uchiha_itasuke-d5ssejy need_for_power_zaraki_kenpachi_bleach_524_by_simodluffy-d5sl2rcZaraki cut by Unohana!! Zaraki death approaches never defeated Unohana Zaraki respected Unohana Zaraki vs Unohana Zaraki hurt by spikeBleach 524 continues with the Zaraki Kenpachi vs Yachiru “Kenpachi” Unohana battle! Both their Vice Captains find out that they’re gone somewhere, not knowing where. Zaraki seems to have slowed down and became weaker in Unohana’s eyes after she’s able to use cheap tricks to slow him down. Zaraki says that he’s always respected her, Zaraki starts to act weird after as he’s even goes unconscious against Unohana!

Bleach 524 begins with Isane and Yachiru going into their captains quarters. Isane finds a letter for her while Yachiru finds the tag which protected as well as sucked and prevented Zaraki’s reiatsu from killing everyone, they are both seem worried. Kakashi and Unohana keep on going as Zaraki’s hits are quickly dodged by Unohana!

Zaraki tries to attack Unohana when she guides it against her, she places her sword on his neck and gets a quick hit! Zaraki backs off and quickly tries to attack once more, but after no time, Unohana moves away and goes to the side of Zaraki. Zaraki tries to attack her but it’s too slow and misses her. She kicks Zaraki which pushes both of them back.

Zaraki tries to increase his reiatsu while Unohana keeps on watching. They both meet with their sword in the middle, unfortunately it seems like they’re evenly matched. Unohana tells Zaraki that he was smart enough to remove his eye patch before coming there, but this also means that the current power Zaraki has is to his full, and thus it’s not enough. Zaraki is once again sliced.

Zaraki tries to counter attack but Unohana blocks and pushes her back. Unohana calls Zaraki pathetic for not being able to dodge the attack he currently received to his shoulder which was a smaller blade. Unohana tells Zaraki that swinging his blade with one arm while the other sits idly by wouldn’t bring any enjoyment to his fight. Zaraki removed the blade on his shoulder, saying that she’s relying on smaller blades to damage her. It’s nothing like the person he fought previously.

Zaraki shouts that he once respected her, Unohana quickly tells him that one does not use the word respect when addressing their enemy! Especially during a fight to the death! Zaraki’s sword is misplaced when Unohana places her sword on Zaraki’s neck! Unohana mentions that she hasn’t changed, it’s just that the old Zaraki never gave her an opening to use her current tactics. Zaraki asks if she means that he’s gotten weaker!

Zaraki tells her that he worshiped her, no matter what he cut, it was all the same to him, everything was boring to him. It wasn’t much different from swinging his sword alone in the dark. But fighting her made him feel fear for the first time, it was the battle that gave him pleasure. From that moment, he wanted to fight just as she did from back then.

Zaraki looks at Unohana, saying that he’s not about to die a miserable death! Never having known what it’s like to defeat her! Unohana quickly plunges her sword within Zaraki’s neck!  It seems like these could be his last moments! He spews blood from his mouth onto Unohana’s face, he’s eyes start to shut!

He comes back with his sword, he then blocks any more attacks from Unohana. She mentions that he seemed like he lost consciousness for a moment. Zaraki quickly gets back to his old self no caring about anything! Zaraki notices that when the sword went through him, he felt something. It’s not known what!

Zaraki tells himself that it’s not the time to use his brain, in fact it’s back to basic instinct when it comes to attack her. Unohana mentions that Zaraki will not die, every time he crosses the border of death, he will return even stronger than before, it’s the oversight he’s imposed on himself, as well as the sin in which Unohana has placed on Zaraki. Bleach 524 ends here!

What a crazy chapter, Zaraki vs Unohana is going great, plus it seems like something could be going on with Zaraki at this point that his Shikai or even Zanpakutou could appear in front of him! I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 525 when we’re likely to see a lot more action from these two! It’s going to be epic!

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  1. dk

    i knew it was too suspicions for zaraki to die that fast. i guess it was fear that made him think he got stab in the throat, but anyway the real fight is now getting started and i hope it shows zaraki true power in the next chapter and i was to see yachiru and isane to see what they will do now


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I think he was stabbed or something which brought the blood from throat… he might have been wondering why he became unconscious, or could it be his Zanpakutou telling him that he cannot win this battle? I don’t want to see Isane and Yachiru, i just want to see what happens here…


    2. jalingion

      or it could be that he was slashed and that the part about not dieng was meant to be implied literly(meaning kenpaci is alucard with a sword and a eyepatch)


  2. wethepeople

    i wonder if the illusion zaraki saw was actually an ability unohana has or her spiritual pressure is that strong that that zaraki was afraid. thats what happen when ichigo first fought zaraki for the first time


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I hope Unohana’s zanpakutou isn’t related to illusions because it would be too repetitive…I think we might get to know what happened in their past during next week’s chapter.. 525


  3. yayayayayayay

    zaraki said that he wanted he looked up to her and wanted to fight like her, so that zaraki wasnt the way he was right now. also what i believe inohana meant that zaraki got weaker might mean that he’s not the way he used to be when they fought for the first time, not strength wise but maybe the way he is


    1. Sunite

      Hmm it may be that because he never fought and felt fear before, he was a superpower before when fighting Unohana, thats why he never died… But not he’s fought other strong people like Ichigo and Unohana that he’s fear is gone, and his relaxing because there is seems to be no other like them…


  4. dreager1

    Looks like Zaraki’s powerup is almost here! The sword going through Zaraki’s throat was a good tribute to when he first fought Ichigo. I guess Unohona’s spirit pressure is that intense! Definitely the best Bleach chapter in a long time


      1. dreager1

        I believe so. Similar to when Zaraki did the same thing to Ichigo, just a much more potent effect. (After all Unohona’s was enough to even frighten Zaraki, if she had been like this with Ichigo..he’d probably die)


  5. joeKenpachi

    its was her killing intent that made him think he was stabbed in the throat just like ichigo thought he was stabbed in the chest from kenpachi killing intent in there first fight


  6. deucee9s2wylde

    I had a feeling he was gonna be on his game at the beginning of the fight, but I don’t like how weak Kubo is making him out to look. Unohana could’ve killed him at any time. She’s disappointed with Zaraki and how weak he’s gotten and frankly I am too. The question is instead of getting stronger after his defeat at the hands of the first Kenpachi, why has he gotten weaker? Has his time in the Gotei 13 taken his passion and resolve, has it changed his perspective of life and death, justice and strength? What happened to him? She back-handed his swing. That was impressive on her part, but what does that say about Zaraki’s strength, power and skill level? Maybe his spirit pressure isn’t being replenished at quickly as he thought it would and his eye patch consumed more than he should’ve allowed. Maybe he was shaken up by his defeat to Juha Bach. Maybe he sees his defeat as a failure to protect those he is responsible for like Squad 11, the Gotei 13 and all of SS. Idk what it is, but he better snap out of it quick and get back in the game.


    1. Sunite

      No no no xD The fight is so intense that most shinigami’s wouldn’t be able to handle, Kubo’s just comaring both of them in this way and making Zaraki look weak, lol I agree that compared to Ichigo vs Zaraki, he’s gotten somewhat weak… I presume that he’s not had any strong opponents and thus wasn’t able to train and get stronger… Shunsui knew that Unohana was the only person higher than Zaraki to make him stronger…
      I guess Zaraki’s power has gone down…. The speech about Unohana saying that Zaraki will never die could relate to his Zanpakutou, it could be so that every time he’s stabbed or put into some kind of fear, his strength increases..
      Yeah I agree that he has to get back asap!


  7. Hyohakan


    He fought with ichigo—> Lost
    He fought with juha(The fake one)—>Lost
    Now he is loosing to Unohana……JUST ENOUGHT!


    I think In the next 2-3 Chapters,we will see SHIKAI..if not,then a clue about that.


      1. deucee9s2wylde

        I think another thing is, as Unohana points out, he’s still fighting with one hand only. Looking back at how much more powerful his attacks are when swinging with both hands, as demonstrated in his fight with Nnoitorra, he doesn’t seem to be taking this fight seriously since he’s not going all out. That’s probably why he lost to Juha as well. Zaraki seems to get stronger as a fight drags on, but if the fight is over quickly, then he doesn’t have time to power up and make a come back… ergo, he loses. But this time his life is on the line. He has to fight seriously from the start. After being in the Gotei 13 for so long now he loves to fight, not kill, but now he must cross that line again. Is he ready for that?


        1. Sunite

          Agreed, he’s just got way too much respect for her… He knew by coming there alone, without his eye patch that it’s going to be a fight to the death… Yeah agree, like any big thing, it needs more and more momentum to get stronger and faster…
          He’s not going to think much at this point, he’s going to look at this basic instinct and just go on a all out rampage!! Hopefully both of them fight to try to kill but not actually kill, in the process, we see Shikai’s, Zanpakutou’s name and even Bankai’s 😀


  8. trevor

    This chapter really kills me. I kinda liked Unohana Taichou!!
    And I also thought that she wou;ld be the next head captain after Yamammoto. BTW wat happened to old man Yama?


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