Gaara’s Love for Fourth Kazekage – Battle Commences – Naruto Shippuden 297

Gaara Cries Karura Loves Gaara Karura Sand protecting Gaara Karura Loves Gaara Gaara vs Fourth Kazegake Father and Son Fourth Kazegake against Gaara Shukaku Gaara when small gets attacked Karura and Small Gaara Shukaku being removed from GaaraNaruto Shippuden 297 shows a much more passionate and loving side to both Gaara and his father, the Fourth Kazekage! The battle begins between the Kage’s, but we mostly concentrate on Gaara and his Father. We finally find out what happened in the background concerning the attempt killing of Gaara when he was a child. We also find out the motive from his father to why he did so. Gaara cries with happy thoughts that both his mother and father loved him dearly!

Naruto Shippuden 297 begins as the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara talk, he asks if Gaara is still the Jinchuuriki but Gaara tells him that he’s no longer as the Akatsuki had removed it from him. Gaara remembers when Granny Chiyo gave her life away to bring back Gaara, Naruto and others were waiting for him to come back to life as they saved his life.

Onoki tells them that Gaara isn’t just the Kazekage, but also the Commander and Chief of the Shinobi Alliance. Gaara tells them that he no longer has any hatred for anyone, especially his father. Despite his age, he’s a very mature and should be a great Kazekage. The Raikage acknowledges him as being a good Kazekage.

We notice Gaara’s birth when Chiyo tells the Fourth Kazekage that he’s son’s going to grow and adapt. Karura mentions that he’s very small, at this point, Karura seems to die moments later. Many people of the Sand seem to not like Gaara for his nature. They have a meeting for which they need to sort something out before it gets out of control.

Fourth Kazekage tells Yashamaru something very important. He mentions that he’s only a child, it seems like his mission is to provoke Gaara to see what happens, if he’s not enraged then he shouldn’t go berserk  but if he does then it would mean that Gaara would have to be disbanded.

Yashamaru goes to Gaara, unfortunately for him, he’s nearly killed, Gaara removes the mask and cries for who he’s killed. He asks why, Yashamaru tells him that the Fourth Kazekage had told him to do such a thing. He starts to mention bad things, for example that his parents never loved him, plus his mother gave him the name Gaara for which means that he will never care for another, just take care of himself.

Gaara goes berserk and unleashes Shukaku, his father, the Fourth Kazekage, knows that it’s too late, so he has to take care of the problem as well as beat Shukaku and bring back Gaara. At the fight, the Fourth Kazekage mentions that it’s a good time to see Gaara can really beat him.

The battle finally commences, Gaara quickly gets the offensive as he quickly captures his father as well as other Kage’s in his Sand. He quickly captures them and slows them down. Fourth Kazekage tries to attack Gaara from the top but fails as hands appears, he quickly starts mentioning things about Karura which gets a little emotional.

Fourth Kazekage mentions that it’s not Shukaku who protects him, in fact it’s Karura who’s always protect him. When she was still alive, she mentions this to Gaara when he was very little. Fourth Kazekage mentions that his mother Karura always loved him! He’s shocked at this, he then mentions that Yashamaru had mentioned something else, the Fourth Kazekage tells him that what was said by him was a lie, for the sake of the village.

He had to lie in order to see what would happen to him, so he had to do it and follow orders. The Fourth Kazekage mentions that he had failed Gaara, he had burdened him unnecessarily and decided for himself that Gaara wasn’t worth anything. He also took away his future by turning him into a Jinchuuriki, as well as taking his mother away from him.

He robed all the friends he could have made, he also took away all the bonds he had made with anyone. Fourth Kazekage mentions that there is something that he gave, which was a broken heart! Yashamaru and small Gaara talk as Gaara’s being hurt in the heart. Yashamaru tells him even if he’s hurt, giving it time will fix everything, he shows him by cutting himself, that it hurts at first but then heals itself. He also mentions that the only thing to heal something such as that is Love, his mother had loved him endlessly!

Gaara starts to cry as his mother’s sand figure protects him using her hands. Gaara’s tears appear as his mother’s love is initiated from his broken heart. The Fourth Kazekage goes on to mention that her love and presence gave him love, friends and made him the Kazekage! He also grew as a person while his father didn’t do anything, he shouldn’t be called his father.

Gaara agrees that Karura was wonderful indeed, therefore thanks to her, he’s finally received love from his father! The Fourth Kazekage is shocked to see that he’s soon, Gaara has surpassed him, and therefore he leaves the village in his hands! Naruto Shippuden 297 ends here!

What a great episode, seeing Gaara finally cry as well as sort out his feud with his parents makes it a lot better as he’s finally received the love he’s always wanted. Now that he knows that he’s father and mother loves him, he’s going to probably grow stronger! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 298, titled “Contact! Naruto vs Itachi”, when Naruto meets Nagato and Itachi! They all fight, even Bee!

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