Spiral of Time – Fairy Tail 146

Fairy Tail 146 begins with the end of the world as chaos has affected most of the population. We see that Gildarts and Laki are faced with Rapowant who reveals himself as Master Zero from Oracion Seis. Natsu also arrives and faces Gatman. Fairy Tail members reach the Zentopia church and try to find and save Lucy and Natsu.

Fairy Tails 146 starts as a lot of things are stating to go wrong, everything is turning upside down and it’s all going hay wired. Lahar tells the council about what he had found out, they tell him that he should be careful because the Zentopia has a large following. Doranbolt tells Lahar that he’s here to help him no matter what happens.

His grace gives a message to the people, he tells them that what is currently happening is nothing to worry about because it’s Zentopia’s way of helping the world by purging a new path. Byro notices that what is currently happening is going the wrong way. What they’ve done should now have happened.

Ichiya is transporting members of Fairy Tail to the church so they can get the Natsu and Lucy back. Natsu runs with Coco, he’s faced with the Jiggle Butt Gang, then after a while, Gatman the Cleaner arrives and tells Natsu that he’s got no chance because he’s going to do anything to stop and make Natsu and Coco behave.

Soldiers try to shoot down the large fish like object in the sky but fail as it was repelled back to them. We now see Gajeel who’s really old and isn’t able to stand up properly. Warren who’s muscular, Gray who’s very young, Elfman who is flat. Wendy is now grown but still hasn’t grown her breasts. Wendy who’s now a Raccoon, Happy whose a dog and Lily is a rabbit.

Erza notices that she’s not yet changed and she figures out that it’s because of the ancient weapon she holds. She hits all of them with the weapon and they all change back to their original form.

Gildarts and Laki are sneaking around the church when they notice the Archbishop. Gildarts faces him and wants to ask him a few question. He doesn’t respond to anything, he just mentions that there is nothing to worry about, everything is going to be fine, it’s just Zentopia’s way of doing things.

A few moments later, Cardinal Rapowant appears and congratulates Gildarts and Laki for getting in without no one noticing. It appears that Rapowant has used some kind of magic to take control of the Archbishop.

Both Mirajane and Racer keep on fighting. At this moment, Mirajane keeps on chasing Racer, she keeps hitting him while Racer keeps running. He remembers some moments from his time at the Tower of Heaven. He backs off after a critical hit from Mirajane. He then powers up into an even more powerful form.

His Speed as dramatically increased. Racer keeps on attacking Mirajane after when she runs, she quickly finds out where he is and grabs him then rushes down into the ground to stop his speed. She asks Racer who he’s been running away from, she then mentions that there is no need to run away anymore.

Kinana keeps on trying to find the person she’s trying to find. Brain II tells Angel and Cobra that they need to do a job because Racer has failed. Gatman uses his magic on Natsu and Coco. After a few injuries, Hughes shows up and controls Gatman, she’s now attacked because the Rapture Technique isn’t based on controlling the moment of the person.

She gets up and controls Gatman once more, she then tells Natsu and Coco to go away. Ichiya’s Ship is targeted by some soldiers, they are scattered by the weapons in the ship. Kanaloa attacks the ship the guns on board don’t work on him. Kanaloa wraps the ship with its tentacles and tries to bring it down. Ichiya tells the Fairy Tail members to go and do what they care here to do. They do so and the ship crashes.

Both Gildarts and Rapowant power up when Natsu shows up. He interferes and wants to challenge Rapowant himself. Natsu smells Rapowant and discovers that it’s the smell of Master Zero.

Warren hears Gildarts and says that Rapowant has been controlling the Archbishop, Byro hears this and quickly wants to challenge and beat Rapowant himself. Gildarts tells Natsu to stop because he’s going to fight him. Rapowant quickly uses his magic and gets Laki in a trap, he tells them that if they attack Laki will be killed.

Byro appears behind Rapowant and tells him that he’s pissed because he’s been controlling the Archbishop, as well as fool him. At this distraction, Gildarts takes his an opportunity to use his right hook to smash it below Rapowant’s jaw. he fly’s off and we see the face of Gildarts, he’s really pissed off.

Imitatia hears that members of the Fairy Tail have arrived, she tells Lucy that they’ve arrived, she then blames Lucy for their death because they’re going to die very soon by the hands of Zentopia itself. Lucy is being sucked into the clock part. Fairy Tail 146 ends here.

That was certainly awesome, plus it was epic to see Gildarts pissed like that as it’s been some times since we saw him like that. It’s going to be interesting to see how powerful Rapowant or Master Zero really is. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 147, titled “To the Infinity Castle!”, when Fairy Tail arrive, Natsu fights Byro once more and Byro and Gildarts fight once more.

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