Jellal finds Girl – The Dragon’s Graveyard – Fairy Tail 297

Fairy Tail 297 starts to paint a picture of what the Game’s are actually about. Fairy Tail win Day 4 with a high as they are now first. Gajeel discovers the underground and what happened years ago, he finds large number of dead Dragons below the stadium itself. Jellal catch’s up to the person to find out that it’s a girl!

Fairy Tail 297 starts out with Natsu loudly cheering to everyone of his victory while Sting and Rogue are still defeated and still facing the ground. Everyone from Fairy Tail cheers, everyone is also happy to see that Fairy Tail is back on top! All the other captains find out that Fairy Tail were expected to defeat Sabertooth which they did.

However all the other Guilds will now gang up on Fairy Tail to defeat them because they’s shown how powerful they really are. Makarov tells all of them to bring it because they’re just going to wipe them out. Lyon challenges Gray, Jura goes for Laxus, Kagura challenges Erza. Ren from Blue Pegasus gives himself a challenger who is Gajeel. And Ichiya wants to challenge Natsu!

We see Lector cry, Orga tells Rufus that he’s shocked that those two would lose to them. While Rufus just tell Orga that he thinks it’s an interesting match and that he’s completely memorized everything Natsu did. Orga is excited. We now see Jiemma who’s watching the match from the stands, everyone notice him and run away because he’s pissed at this point.

Natsu happily tells Rogue and Sting that they should again. Rogue and Sting are completely defeated. Rogue asks himself, if Gajeel has as much power as Natsu, how much would he have overestimated himself. Gajeel reaches the end of the tracks to notice that he’s right beneath the stadium.

He tells himself that he’s going to kill Natsu for doing this to him, he asks himself where he is. He keeps on walking when he finds something shocking! He looks upon a graveyard of an endless number of dragons which lie throughout this cave.

Jellal keeps on walking toward the person he feels is Zeref. Yukino Aguria is at the castle where she is now a Sergeant, she talks to one of the soldiers about the ranks, as how she’s not going to get used to it. They talk about how Arcadios invited Yukino to take part in his Eclipse Plan. She thinks that it’s a way for him to help the world.

Carla has a shocking realization of the dream again where she see’s the castle crumble. Wendy asks her if she’s okay, she says that she’s fine. Levy come in to tell Lucy that they’ve won! Lucy believed in them from the start.

Levy asks where Gajeel is, she asks any of the others if they’ve seen him. Elfman responds that he’s probably eating from iron somewhere. They just decide not to check up because he will sooner or later show up. We hear a voice which refers to this day they believed in victory, but the next day, 7th July they lost to fate. We see Levy mention that a lot of people died, the person who she loved, possibly Gajeel also died. It’s as though she can’t put it into words. She cries as she writes.

We get back to the present where Jellal dressed as Mystogan walks towards the mysterious person. He tells them to stop, he takes the covering of his face and tells them to turn around and show their face. He notices it’s a woman and she turns around. Jellal is in shock to see this person even if we can’t see this person’s as this point. Fairy Tail 297 ends here!

That was certainly a nice build up to the next part of the chapter. This arc won’t continue until 2 chapters of fillers. The story will continue during the 300th chapter! But during next week’s Fairy Tail 298, titled “The Breathtaking Land of Ryuuzetsu” will be next week’s chapter.

There are 7 comments

    1. Sunite

      What I think is that the Games were first based on dragons, so the dragons would fight, but these games have been reintroduced to be for the people and guilds… So the grave yard was just a number of dead dragons who died during their fight..


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I don’t think so, Sting and Rogue themselves mentioned that they defeated their own dragons… not these dragons here. If you piece the information we already got, the games was firstly designed to be used for sparring dragons…. this was of course a long time ago but now it’s being used to spar these people…. and the remains of them are just the bones…


  1. Franklin

    I dont actually have a clue about who the girl Jellal finds…but for. The dragons, the Grand Magic Games were created 400 years ago for dragons to spar, and those MAY bethe dead corpses of those who died during the games..THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TO EXPLAIN >.<"""


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