Naruto’s Will to Destroy Kurama’s Hatred – Naruto Shippuden 277

Naruto Shippuden 277 shows us the future as to how both Naruto and Kurama would act towards each other. We find out that Naruto wants to eventually become friends with Kurama as well as destroy all the hatred he has, but first he has to face Sasuke and either defeat him and become a hero or die and fail.

Naruto Shippuden 277 starts out as Naruto and Bee keep running towards the fight, Bee talks to the Eight Tails about Naruto’s Chakra Mode, he states that its a great way to see a head but could also attract some unexpected foes. The Eight Tails tells him that he still isn’t Kurama’s friend, Naruto needs to be careful not to kill off all of his own Chakra as he may die.

Kurama calls Naruto to his Inner Place where they start talking, he tells Naruto that he’s been watching and he’s using his power so stupidly. Plus says that what he said to everyone about saving people will be a hard task for him. Naruto notices that thanks to his chakra, Kurama has put on some weight as he’s been stealing his chakra.

Naruto tells him that he doesn’t usually start up a conversation, plus he notices that he’s been getting lonely and wants to talk. Kurama asks him he’s able to end this war all by himself, he tells him it’s impossible because there’s a huge army. This is Madara they’re talking about.

Kurama tells Naruto that he’s welcome to use his power, Naruto tells him no thanks because of what happened last time. Kurama starts to get up, and tells Naruto that when he’s comrades are killed, hatred will rise. Kurama asks him if he’s able to stop such a war all by himself. Naruto tells him to stop treating him like he’s stupid.

Kurama tells him that he doesn’t understand, he’s too dumb to understand that war bring out hatred in people. Kurama brings Sasuke up and reminds him of the story of when they had fought, he remembers that there will be something he will need to do.

We go to the Ninja Academy where Shikamaru and Choji are fighting, Choji tells Iruka that he doesn’t want to fight, Shikamaru agrees and disqualifies himself by moving outwards the line. He and Choji then do the Unison Sign to show respect.

Next up is Naruto vs Sasuke where Naruto and Sasuke show no respect for each other, they quickly do the Spar Sign and start fighting when it ends within a moment, Naruto notices that he’s hatred in his eyes belong to someone else. Sasuke wins and they don’t do the Unison Sign. Naruto runs after this moment because he’s pissed off.

Kurama notices that he’s remembered. He reminds Naruto that his hatred grows stronger and stronger. Naruto brushes off what Kurama mentioned and comes inside the cage of Kurama. He then brings down a large red rod connected which pushes down Kurama’s head.

Kurama and Naruto can now talk properly. He tells him that he’s going to help Sasuke somehow. He’s going to do anything he needs to help and bring him to good. He also says that he’s going to do something about this war. Naruto climbs on top of his face, right in front of his eye.

Kurama remembers of the time when Naruto stole his chakra. Naruto tells Kurama that one day he wants to help Kurama and come after all the hatred which Kurama has inside of him and make him good by taking all the hatred. Kurama protests and tells him that no child can help him, Naruto responds by telling him that it’s good because he’s no longer a child.

Naruto keeps on running when Killer Bee tells him to be careful. He also gives him some confidence by asking him to fist bump to help him. Naruto feels happy about this, Bee notices that Kurama and Naruto had another fight. He explains that he needs to watch out so he doesn’t run out of his chakra. Naruto pushes on ahead. Naruto Shippuden 277 ends here.

A good episode, showed what Naruto wants to do with Kurama, hopefully Naruto and Kurama become friends and he’s able to use the Bijuu Mode in the near future! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 278, titled “Med Ninja in Danger”, a lot of Ninja’s start to heal themselves, we also see both Nagato and Itachi walk together within the Edo Tensei.

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      1. Sunite

        Lol yeah one part of this relationship is for Naruto to defeat Obito… and I think Kurama has realized that Naruto could be the person who brings all the Tailed Beasts together…


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