Zaraki vs Vandenreich Leader – Beast vs His Majesty

The epic battle between Zaraki Kenpachi vs The Vandenreich Leader aka Buckbeard is just about to start and it’s creating a lot of excitement within the Bleach Community. It’s one of those fights where we can guess that there will be one ultimate winner but the ways it’s going to go down is going to be fantastic.

The first blow was dealt by Zaraki but it was quickly blocked by his Majesty. We think that it was blocked using the Blut Vene which means that no damage could have been made to his Majesty.

Zaraki Kenpachi, one of the toughest captains within the Gotei 13! One which knows no fear and loves to fight against any strong opponents even if it’s a comrade. Zaraki has gone up against a ton a opponents but since they all die within the first strike by Zaraki, he gets bored really easily. Zaraki’s looks hasn’t changed much from before the 17 months. He still has similar cloths, the only difference we can see is that his hair is now a lot more wild, it doesn’t hold any bells now. The other difference is that his eye patch has significantly changed. This could be to a number of things, one which pops into mind is that he wants more of his power to be suppressed so he can fight his opponents and enjoy them more. This could a disadvantage in this situation. However we know how powerful Zaraki is, even if he lost against Ichigo, we know that over the 17 months he’s grown significantly powerful after he sliced Giriko in one go. He’s not yet learned the name of his Zanpakuto, if he did he would be able to increase his current power by 10 to 1000!

The Vandenreich Leader, aka Buckbeard, hasn’t shown any of his powers yet. It’s not yet been confirmed if he’s even a Quincy or not. All we currently know is that he’s extremely powerful who was easily able to capture Harribel. If he is a Quincy, we know that he would be able to use the basic Quincy powers such as Reishi Absorption which absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere and combines it to form a weapon or to fuel their techniques. The Blut ability which includes Blut Vene, allowing them to defend themselves, and Blut Arterie, which allows them to use their techniques offensively. Ransotengai allowing them to use their body as a puppet even after their in paralysis, broken limbs or any other force. Heilig Pfeil is also a possibility as it’s one of the primary attacks a Quincy has. The Vandenreich Leader could also use the Quincy: Vollstandig, as well as the Biskiel and the Sklaverei which allows the user to enslave the Reishi in the most powerful way.

So who do you think will take the win? Is it going to be the powerful Quincy Leader or the Captain of the 11th Division? Comment and tell me who you think will take this win. The fantastic image of the characters was drawn by Bl4ckBurn, he’s an awesome artist, check him out!

There are 9 comments

  1. zla92

    Isnt Biskiel the unique form of Opies Vollständig release? The gunslingers Vollständig is Gemaniel i think.

    When it comes to the fight itself i just hope Kenpachi wont be one shooted. Worste case scenario in my opinion.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I’m not totally sure if it’s just specific to Kirge or to all Quincy… I’m not sure what you mean by one shooted, but I take it that you mean that you hope that he wont’ be too quick into attacking like a crazy guy without actually thinking about his opponent and make a plan before attacking..


  2. Ru_NRD

    My thoughts on this whole war are different, my theory is that Ichigo will be saved by Ishida’s father (because not much has been published about him and he’s always telling Ishida that his powers aren’t strong enough) and that the Gotei will flee Soul Society to Karakura Town to regroup. This battle might be interviened by Ishidas dad who seems powerfull enough to challenge the VL leader but just weaken him. . . And we’ll finally find out what the other guy meant when he said it is impossible that he could be stronger than Ishida. . .


    1. Sunite

      That could be true, it’s a possibility because his father wanted to end the Quincy Bloodline and never wanted to use the power, so fighting the leader can help and end all of the uses of the Quincy’s… so yeah you might be correct there 🙂


  3. geo8

    i wish kenpachi to destroy this guy but i am afraid kubo will let ichigo to do that so i hope kenpachi doesnt get killed from the leader or maybe he will fight the guy with the white hair…cant wait for tomorow 🙂


    1. Sunite

      Haha yeah maybe, hopefully we see that Kenpachi get hurt but not killed as you mentioned… I too don’t want him to die because he’s such an awesome character…


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