Reject Your Doubt – Gray & Juvia

From the first time Juvia laid her eyes on Gray she instantaneously fell in love with Gray. Although they did first fight, Gray proved to Juvia that he can take her on any time. At that point she fell into lust towards Gray but he didn’t respond to her feelings.

Gray certainly knows that she has feelings for him but when the subject of this matter comes he’s unable to do anything, specially when Erza and Gray had talked about Juvia’s feelings, we found out that he acknowledged them but wasn’t able to return them back.

The arrival of Lyon into Juvia’s life could prove risky for Gray as he could lose the girl who loves him most. It could also be a good thing as Gray could be forced into tell Juvia how he feels about her. Hopefully we get to see these two ice and water wizards have a happy ever after.

The beautiful image above was draw by the awesome Kristallin-F, she’s got some of the best fan art I’ve ever laid my eyes on, she’s truly a fantastic artist. You should definitely check her work out!

What do you think?

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