Tier Harribel with Ichigo – Bleach

A fantastically drawn image of Tier Harribel with Ichigo Kurosaki by her side within his Bankai form while his Hollow Mask is activated. Could you have imagined both of them looking like this, or even imagined both of them actually have falling for each other?

Ichigo Kurosaki and Tier Harribel do look fantastic within this image as they look like they’re in state of love. They both have Hollow powers, Ichigo with his Inner Ichigo and Hollowfication Powers and Tier Harribel with her Vasto Lorde Hollow Powers!

The amazing fan art was created by boysicat, it was then colored by  Juggertha! These two amazing artists deserve the credit for the awesome art above! So go and check them out!

There is one comment

  1. Anonimous 7

    I always imagine tier harribel x ichigo together dating, romancing and even boning eaching other and maybe it already happened somewhere in another reality where they got married and had children with over powered abilities.


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