Jellal is Found – Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail’s Light – Fairy Tail 290

Fairy Tail 290 impresses as Jellal is sent free as Yajima tells everyone that he’s Mystogan from the Edolas World. Kagura notices Jellal at this point, she calms herself to now attack as she finds outs that Fairy Tail have Jellal in their guild. Sting has a feeling that he’s going to fight Natsu the next day. The Fairy Tail Guild have an amazing time within their new bar.

Fairy Tail 290 starts out with the situations where it ended last week. Jellal still has his head scarf on. He and Doranbolt stare at each other until Jellal tells him that he’s in a hurry and tries to move away. As he moves to the right, Doranbolt stops him and tells him that Mystogan in no longer in this world. Jellal tells him that he is no other than Mystogan.

At this moment, Doranbolt quickly reaches for the head scarf and removes it while saying who are you. Jellal appears in shock as well as other notice who he is. Yajima appears and tells everyone to calm down because he’s in fact Mystogan. He tells everyone that he may look like Jellal but he’s in fact Mystogan from the Edolas world which was mentioned in their reports some time ago.

Kagura notices this man and spots that it’s Jellal. She starts to sweat and falls to the floor in pain. Her team tries to help her by asking what has happened. Millianna also spots Jellal and within a second she tries to react, but Kagura makes a noise to stop her. She tells Millianna that she knows that he’s there but she must leave it. She then works out that he’s been hiding within the Fairy Tail guild, Millianna asks her self what is Erza doing.

Lahar and Doranbolt understand the situation and apologies about this. Yajima knows that it’s Jellal, he tells him that he should definitely get away from this point as soon as possible. Lahar secretly tells Doranbolt that he’s definitely Jellal, and Yajima is just trying to hide him there, they will keep a watch on him. Jellal goes on to search for this man but finds no one. Although he does feel Zeref’s magic there.

Somewhere else, Laxus and Makarov are talking about the fight. Laxus tells Makarov that Iwan wanted to find the Lumen Histoire, that’s why he came to the fight. Laxus also tells him that he called it Fairy Tail’s Darkness. Marvis appears and tells Laxus that the Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail’s Light! Only the masters of the Guilds can know about this. Laxus tells Marvis, if it’s something weird then he won’t dig into it.

Marvis asks Makarov who may have told Iwan about it, he suggests that it could be Purehito, the second Master of Fairy Tail. At this point, Marvis starts to become upset because of the fact that she picked him as the second Master. At the Guild, everyone is getting happy and enjoying themselves because they climbed up from their last spot. Elfman notices Evergreen with him taking care of him.

At the Sabertooth Guild, Sting, wonders that the next day he will face Natsu because of the feeling he has. He will finally face him after 7 long years. Everyone is currently getting washed up and ready for the next day. Even Yukino Aguria is getting ready. She is called by the Sergeant. It seems that he will use her for his purpose of controlling anything. Fairy Tail 290 ends here.

That was certainly an awesome end of the day! This arc is certainly getting very interesting! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 291, titled “Naval Battle” when the next will start with an interesting twist. Hopefully Natsu vs Sting will happen.

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  1. Linus135

    So does anybody else agree that Lumen Histoire is where real fairies actually reside? and that they in fact do NOT have tails which is why it’s Fairy Tail’s “darkness”?? I liked this chapter and LOVED Erza surfing on the barrels XD


    1. Sunite

      Hmmm still not fully convinced… Currently I think that it may be something which is related to Marvis itself. Marvis has showed up from nowhere without any explanation… So it may be something which is related to her…. Possibly like her body or something which has been preserved or something like that. Or that she’s a real Fairy who lost her tail. Could be what you said… but still there needs to be an official explanation of what it is sooooon…


      1. Linus135

        Definitely needs an explanation lol I’m going off pure speculation. However when Makarov showed it to Gildarts, it seemed like there was a bright light coming from it so that’s where I get the fairy thing from..but I like you’re idea with it having to deal with Marvis, especially since she is the 1st master of Fairy Tail. Hahaha I just like the thought of at the end (if my idea is true and fairies don’t have tails) the main characters faces being like, ” this is our guilds darkness? -_-‘ ” but also others being like “OUR NAME IS A LIE D’: ” (natsu)


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