Mirajane’s Demon Halphas Unleashed – Chaos Descends – Fairy Tail 138

Fairy Tail 138 continues as Byro faces Natsu and the others in order to retrieve the large clock piece before they all come together. He tells Lucy and the others about the Infinity Clock, Mirajane’s Satan Soul is horrible removed  by Mary Hughes. Mirajane reveals a never before seen Demon Halphas form which trumps her Satan Soul completely.

Fairy Tail 138 starts of Natsu looks at the octopus and Byro and laughs about it, while Romeo is angered as they’re facing such a formidable opponent. Natsu becomes enticed by the fact that Byro is riding an Octopus. Seem’s Romeo is getting a bad example from Natsu. The octopus attacks to miss both Natsu and Romeo, they find out that even punching with their fire hands won’t do the job because it’s just be absorbed by the skin of the octopus.

Natsu blocks on of the octopuses attacks using his fire technique. Both Coco and Dan are nearly hurt when saved by Lucy and Natsu. Lucy explains to Byro of what he’s doing is wrong because he’s hurting his comrades in the process. Byro tells her that they are proud legionnaires who are prepared to lay down their lives for the sake of this crusade. Lucy tries to protect both of them.

Weird lights appear on the clock piece as others start to get closer. Within the battle with Mirajane and Mary. Mirajane is possessed by Mary then her Satan Soul is removed from her. She can’t do anything as she seems to have no other powers within her. Her Satan Soul can now be controlled by Mary Hughes.

The Satan Soul tries to attack but Elfman tries to protect with his Beast Soul. The Satan Soul is too small and quick allowing her to move much more quick, thus Elfman misses when he tries to attack. The Satan Soul then attacks Elfman, Elfman get’s badly injured. Mary Hughes currently has a lot of power within her fingertips.

Back with Gajeel and Levy, they notice that Samuel is still following them. He tells them that he’s not there to take the clock piece but just to observe. He then asks to talk to Lily. Erza and the others find themselves wearing the Jiggle Butt Gang outfit, they are then met by the Jiggle Jug Gang. They interrupts them and Erza gets mad, she knocks them out!

Mirajane notices Elfman and Lisanna both injured by the Satan Soul she has. They are able to do nothing because she’s too powerful. At this point Mirajane can’t up against her in that form, she upgrades into her next form which she’ll be able to fight properly. She enables her Demon Halphas. Elfman explains that this is a Demon Soul, the master forbid her to use it because of its extreme powers!

Natsu and the others are currently fighting the octopus and Byro. Romeo tries to open the octopuses mouth so Natsu could send a fireball down it to destroy it but fails because he quickly catches on. Konaloa is the octopuses name. Lucy tells Byro that the clock hand belongs to Lucy because it was given to her by her father.

Byro goes on to explain that he cannot to do that because he’s safekeeping the Infinity clock. It seems Michelle knows about this. Byro shows us that the Archbishop of Zentopia, had explained that if all the parts came together the world would end, therefore the they are trying to prevent this by collecting all the parts themselves. Natsu tells them if they collect the pieces, won’t they just do the same as Lucy and the others are doing.

Back at the fight with Mirajane, she is literally kicking her own Satan Soul’s ass. She’s unleashing just a tiny bit of her awesome power. It seems that she’s kicking her ass. Mary also opens up her Third Movement, where the Satan Soul and her merge bodies. She’s not able to control her from the inside. Even then Mary isn’t able to win this as all her attacks are blocked by Mirajane.

The fight is currently at a pace which Elfman and Lisanna can’t keep. Mirajane is currently at her peak! She kicks Mary’s ass after a few moves, it seems she’s going to be killing her with her two fingers. She points it and calls her a Bad Girl twice which makes Mary into outer body unconscious mode.

Lucy and the others are still fighting. Lucy opens up Taurus which cuts the tentacles  which the octopus has. It helps Natsu to get free and attack. He does this with no time being loss, Lucy and Romeo hold the Octopus in place while Happy and Natsu go on Max Speed to attack the Octopus in the face defeating it. Byro finds that Natsu and Fairy Tail’s Wizards are incredible! All the parts are coming close to one place.

Samuel tells Lily that both of the have a different sense of time. When Samuel first read the book he notices that the book has something weird about it. The Archbishop of Zentopia also notices that Chaos is starting to descend and it’s the beginning of the end. We see Gildarts and Laki Olietta within a very different world, seeming as though it is in another world. Fairy Tail 138 ends here!

That was a fantastic episode! Getting to see something so awesome as Mirajane’s new for is awesome! Although next week’s Fairy Tail 139 will feature a fight between Natsu vs Byro! It’s going to be pretty epic considering that Byro fought Gildarts! Titled “The Time Has Begun!”.

There are 4 comments

  1. Aea

    Mirajane can easily beat Erza with this transformation. What’s just sad is that she needs training, ‘coz she doesn’t have the will to fight anymore. 😦


    1. Sunite

      She’s got a lot of power, plus most of that power is really dark!! Demonly dark! She has to be all fun loving and awesome like that or else she’ll be consumed by the darkness she posses! Good thing Makarov told her not to use this technique because this is truly a great technique!
      Mirajane, Laxus and Mystogan (were) are Special class mage within FT, Erza is still getting there 😛


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