Darui vs Kinkaku and Ginkaku – Naruto Shippuden 269

Naruto Shippuden 269 continues on from last week when Darui faces the Gold and Silver brothers, Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Raikage is worried about them as the brothers both have Kurama’s Nine Tail chakra within them. Darui faces them with the help of Samui and Atsui. They are both sucked into the special tool owned by the Sage of Six Paths. Darui faces them to capture Ginkaku but Kinkaku transforms into a beast causing a lot of problems.

Naruto Shippuden 269 starts of with both Samui and Atsui arriving to help Darui with his fight against the brothers. Samui explains that they both have special tools which were owned by the Sage of Six Paths. The brothers take these special ninja tools out as they are prepared to fight them.

Samui explains what each tools does. The Kokinjo binds its victim and squeezes out the victim’s spirit word. The Shichiseiken severs and curses that spirit word. The Benihisago records the spirit word and the Bashosen conjures up all five chakra natures: fire, water, lightning, wind and earth!

Atsui interrupts Samui, they are then surrounded by multiple Zetsu’s. Atsui incinerates them with his fire technique. Then goes for an all out attack to the Brothers. He is then accidentally touched by Kokinjo. As Samui follower him, she’s also touched by it. Samui had told him to stop but he did not listen. Both Kinkaku and Ginkaku swap places.

As Atsui goes to talk, he is stopped by Samui as he’s a dumb ass. He talks when he shouldn’t. He knows nothing about their powers and will likely to get captured. One of the brother with the Kokinjo calls out for their soul to get squeezed out. This pulls out some of their soul out of their body, the other brother then cuts. This squeezes the spirit word.

The brother then uses Shichiseiken to cut the tip of the soul which shows their most used words. For Atsui, it’s Hot and Samui it’s Cool. He then records them using his Benihisago. Samui quickly shuts Atsui up because he knows nothing about the technique they are using. She tells him that if he speaks the word which he most uses, he will also be sucked in into the Benihisago.

At this point, both brothers know what the word is for both of them. Kinkaku then uses his ninja tools producing fire which touches Atsui. He quickly screams out the word Hot and is quickly sucked into the gourd. Samui calls him stupid. Samui is quickly captured by Ginkaku stopping her talking.

As Kinkaku comes to attack Darui, he slices his arm from his body. Then uses his Gale Style Laser Circus precision technique to remove Samui from Ginkaku. Kinkaku kicks his own arm at Darui which has the ninja tool to remove the spirit word. Darui’s Spirit word is removed and Samui is mysteriously taken into the gourd.

Kinkaku then uses the Shichiseiken to cut his spirit word. So Ginkaku could obtain it. Darui works out that his word is Drab (dull). Darui works out that Samui was taken into the gourd because she did not speak for a certain amount of time so she was taken into the into the gourd. Darui and the brothers keep on talking. Darui then remembers a moment with the Raikage.

Darui is then unsuspectingly taken into the gourd because he finds out that what he had said was in fact another word for dull. At this point, he’s being sucked in, he remember all the current moments and starts saying sorry. As he’s nearly sucked in, the brothers are happy for a second until Darui appears from where to find himself cutting Ginkaku’s arm. He then obtains the gourd and the sword.

As Ginkaku is attacked, he touches the ninja tool which shows the spirit word. Darui acts on this and uses the sword to cut the spirit word for Ginkaku. Then adsorbs the spirit word. Ginkaku’s word is shown, it is Kinkaku. Within seconds, he say’s the word and is quickly sucked in by Darui.

Out of anger his brother Kinkaku activates his Nine Tails powers both destroying the sea bed as well as throwing large amounts of water in the sky. He turns into his full form which looks like Naruto’s 4rth Tail. Darui is surprised at this because of what he’s transformed into. Naruto Shippuden 269 ends here.

What a fantastic episode! The Kinkaku and Ginkaku brothers are extremely powerful! The fact that they can use Kurama’s Nine Tail Chakra means that Naruto will know a disturbance in Kurama’s chakra, this will possibly lead Naruto to come out to see that there is a fight going on. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 270, where the fights will get even more extreme as Kinkaku will get out of hand!

There are 4 comments


    naruto has evolved greatly,but i want kishi to minize naruto childish behaviour but naruto’s new bijuu mode is perfect



    it seems sora isnt donly pseudo jinchuirik bt i am amazed at hw d brthers can cntrl kuruma’s chakra. who gave this power


    1. Sunite

      Hey sorry it took so long to approve this comment, it was held for moderation and I didn’t notice it until now. They survived inside the fox by eating the chakra-meat of its stomach. After two weeks of rampaging inside the fox’s stomach, it regurgitated them, leaving them with unusually large chakra-reserves and abilities similar to those of a jinchuuriki. It’s still unknown how they were able to survive within the stomach of Kurama.


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