Ichigo goes to Soul Society – Kirge is Hit from Urahara – Bleach 498

Bleach 498 continues as Akon tries to communicate with Ichigo but has to talk to Urahara. Akon learns that Ichigo is one tough guy who’s in Hueco Mundo fighting Kirge Opie. Urahara learns about the horrific nature of the Sternritter in Soul Society thus leading Urahara to seriously would Kirge giving Ichigo enough time for him to go to Soul Society!

Bleach 498 starts out with Akon telling one of his subordinates to make contact with Ichigo Kurosaki. They ask how they should do it, he responds with the Combat Badge which Ichigo possess. All they need to do is search for it. One of the research members does this to find that the Badge is in the Material World, however Ichigo is not with it. Plus the spirit trail from the badge goes directly to Hueco Mundo!

They wonder why Ichigo would have gone to Hueco Mundo. There’s more, the badge is located within Urahara’s Shop, they find out that since there is some spirit wave interference, it may be somewhere underground. Akon comes up with the plan to contact Urahara directly. Urahara receives a call directly, he picks up.

Urahara asks if everything in Soul Society is going well. Akon gets angry even after telling Urahara that there’s an emergency. He tells him that he’s got business with Ichigo, he asks if he’s there at that moment. Urahara responds by telling Akon that he can’t come to the phone at this point. Akon asks why.

Urahara tells him that at this moment, Ichigo is in a battle with a Quincy who’s the captain of the Hueco Mundo Hunting Squad. All the other members in this research point are flabbergasted and ask why he’s fighting a Quincy in Hueco Mundo. Akon realizes that these Quincies even made it to Hueco Mundo and was first noticed by Ichigo, faster than Akon could have realized. Akon had heard rumors about Ichigo but they weren’t these unpredictable.

Akon asks how the battle is going, Urahara tells him that they are both on equal footings, he then replaces this by telling him that Ichigo is pushing Kirge Opie back as Ichigo has now gotten an advantage. Kirge tries to suck Ichigo’s Bankai in using the same circular device but isn’t able to because of Ichigo’s uniqueness. Ichigo keeps on attacking.

Urahara tells Akon that Kirge wants to seal Ichigo’s Bankai using some technique but it doesn’t seem like it’s working on Ichigo, thus Ichigo is able to use his powers to push him back. Akon and the others are shocked because Kirge isn’t able to take Ichigo’s Bankai away. Akon tells Urahara to stop the fight as Ichigo needs to go to Soul Society right away. Urahara tells Akon that there are intruders in Soul Society who just walked right in, if they are contact him then it must mean that it’s quite bad. Urahara returns to his first question, he asks how things are going in Soul Society!

Kirge keeps on dodging and escaping Ichigo’s attacks. Kirge remembers that he had received data to disallow Ichigo from using his Bankai. That they could not use their medals to suck his Bankai into it, that’s all the information they had received. He explains thinks of how he even used his Vollstandig and absorbed a monster and can’t even use his techniques to defeat Ichigo. How can Ichigo easily be surpassing Kirge?

Ichigo keeps on receiving quick swift attacks from Ichigo. Ichigo keeps on blocking each and every attack which Kirge launches at him. Ichigo realizes that Ivan also wanted to seal his Bankai, Ichigo asks how they are able to do such a thing to Shinigami’s. Kirge doesn’t answer his question but realizes that his attack power and speed are a real problem.

Kirge realizes that he needs to also attack Ichigo. He explains that because of Ichigo’s slashing speed, he needs for his Blut Vene to be at full power at all times to block his attack, however he cannot attack Ichigo with it unless he switches to his Blut Arterie. However attacking Ichigo in his Bankai Mode with his Blut Arterie will not affect him, thus Kirge thinks if he should ask for backup.

Ichigo asks Kirge if he’s afraid of Bankai’s? Kirge bursts out with that is not the case, and thus that the people of the Vandenreich are not feared by their Bankai’s! At this point, Urahara uses one of his technique which fires a shot at Kirge. Ichigo looks back to find out who did this. Urahara tells Ichigo that because of Ichigo, Kirge’s Spirit Particles Collapsed and he was able to land a critical hit.

Urahara throws Ichigo and phone, telling him that Akon is on the line. Urahara had opened a Senkai Gate for Ichigo to go Soul Society and fight the Quincies. Akon tells Ichigo to listen carefully, also he must not despair because the information he’s about to hear if some what shocking. Bleach 498 ends here!

Wow, what a fantastic Bleach 498! Ichigo has finally began his way to go to Soul Society leaving Urahara to take care of Kirge and the other Quincies. Plus Orihime and Chad are still in Hueco Mundo! This is going to be interesting! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 499 when Ichigo could possibly face a Sternritter or even see the Vandenreich Leader when he arrives in Soul Society!

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  1. Vasto Lorde and Vollstandig Combine with Bankai plus Full Ryuchido Hermit Mode

    It could be effect that ichigo was use his former Fullbring ability.
    Maybe effect of little amount reatsu of Mugetsu Final Getsuga)
    or maybe Ichigo natural speciality (His ability gathering Hollow and shinigami capable).

    That is not important……the most important now is, how Kubo make this arc

    Are kubo want to show heavy destruction of SS?

    Kubo want to show all antagonist and protagonist character….

    Like when VR badly fight SS then GRIMMJOW appear and save Haribel at hueco mundo.

    Then almost entire SS is destroy…..Division zero get in…

    Then Aizen escape from prison and activate his Hogyoku again and become Complete Form.

    There will be 3 corner battle between Yamamoto — VR king — Aizen

    Orihime heal Haribel

    Grimmjow and harible with some few arrancar and menos combine to sweep all Vandenreich army.

    Uryu and his father know about VR and they enter Seiretei.

    Uryu and his father start to choose their opponent from VR (QUINCY).

    Ichigo beat one or 2 or 3 VR member….

    Kyoraku then release his shikai and stomp badly at Sternritter….

    Kyoraku opponent getting weaker and weaker and cannot use their medal…..

    Kyoraku finish his opponent…

    3 corner battle end by Aizen own VR king and Yamamoto….

    Ichigo fight Aizen….

    Urahara kisuke enter Seiretei……
    Kisuke face the 2nd strongest VR sternritter and they fight……
    Kisuke and his opponent fight badly……..

    then so on…….ha ha ha………


    1. Sunite

      Wow! I think you’ve covered quite a lot there! But one thing I think is unlikely to happen is that Aizen will return but will not be able to transform because he will not have the Hogyoku… Aizen will appear in chains and restricted to use the full extent to his power…
      I think Grimmjow will appear later on, he’s probably somewhere currently but not been seen yet.
      However a lot of what you mentioned could happen


  2. Zla

    For someone who thought so mighty about himself Kirge went down pretty easly. I guess there is really a big difference beetwen Bankai and Shikai and elite and mediocre Vandenreich soldiers. Now its the question where Ichigo will go. Can he save several shinigami at once or will he focus only on one/two? I bet he will first go to Rukia and save her.

    Also Urahara answering the phone was epic. Wonder if he will continue to investigate on his own in HM…


    1. Sunite

      Hmmm Agree, Kirge went from being a high mighty dude to even kick Ayon’s ass to being kicked by Ichigo! He’s really given up! I was surprised at how easily he gave up… Personally I think that he will accidentally go to where the Vandenreich Leader is, Ichigo will get his ass kicked so hard that Yamamoto will appear at the moment when Ichigo is just about to die. Orihime will be called. The Leader will back off because he’s being faced by Yamamoto, Ukitake and Unohana as well as Zaraki.

      The Leader will say something that the war is going to end with us winning! We’re going to kill you! Ichigo will talk to Zangetsu at the point as he is near death. Unohana will help him. Orihime will repair him.
      Or the leader could possibly take a whole arm of Ichigo’s off like Kira, and then Ichigo’s Hollow Powers will instantly activate as Hichigo is awakened! He repairs himself, Hichigo gets out and Vandenreich Leader sees the extent of Hichigo’s Rage! Shinji and the others appears and he breaks of his mask or something.

      Haha It was surprising to see Urahara being such an idiot at first then turning into a serious dude when asking Akon to answer his first question…. Damn, plus I think Urahara lied about Kirge’s defense going down, I think Kisuke developed some kind of Kido or used some technique to attack him in a critical spot.


      1. Zla

        You forgot one thing mate. Ichigo first has to finish the long haired dude before he even can get close to the leader. By the looks of it he is the Stern Ritter A. Also dont think Zaraki and Ukitake can join the frey. We know the latter one is fighting a quincy and Zaraki probably as well. Unohana is a possibility but nothings for sure now. The story could go either way which makes it damn more epic then last week.

        I forgot to mention the sealing thing. I suspect that Ichigos bankai form is the reason why it cant be sealed. Much power is kompressed into a katana which makes it hard to drain out. I mean reiatsu based bankais are much easier to steal like Senbonzakura or Tenken.

        And lastly yes, he did use kido i think. He normally has his right hand use Benihime but he shot the beam with the left. I would really like to see Hado 99 some time or new kidos. Even in fillers we had gotten always the same things. 😛


        1. Sunite

          Hmmm… Well I’m sure that the Vandenreich Leader knows who Ichigo is and won’t let the long haired dude fight him because it may show him as a weak dude. Plus the long hair dude may just go round killing the Shinigami’s. And yeah true.

          I have no idea how Ichigo’s Bankai wont be sealed therefore I’ll just go with your theory. It’s possible because Ichigo’s Bankai is compressed quite a few times to get the type of damage he does, but yeah I get what you mean.

          Wow, you must know quite a lot about Urahara to know which hands he uses for his Zanpakuto and which for his kido’s lol. Yeah agree want to see Hado 99. Haha 😛


          1. Zla

            The leader will be up against Yama-ji 1 on 1 i think. Its Kubo after all so it might also be as you said. We could also see the seed of hesistation in the long haird dudes eyes. He seems to have doubts about certain things. Could be crutual for the future.

            Haha i just went with the hypotesis that he is right handed and his sword would normally be in his right hand + kido left like most captains. 😛


            1. Sunite

              Haha xD I feel that Yamamoto will be the biggest shock because i feel that he’s going to die by the leader, then the final fight between ichigo and leader will happen, although ichigo and the leader will have a pre fight where ichigo gets trashed


                1. Sunite

                  Hahah yeahh agree! Can’t wait to see where he gets to. Hopefully Kubo won’t be a troll and show the Sternritter fights and forget about Ichigo getting Soul Society till later…


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