Darui faces Gold and Silver Brothers – War Goes On – Naruto Shippuden 268

Naruto Shippuden 268, a good episode with a few fights and some cool action, dragged a little bit though. We start out as Black Zetsu tries to attack a Feudal Rescue Home where the Feudal Lords are circulating between 5 houses to make sure the enemy does not capture them. Darui’s Company are faced by a large number of White Zetsu’s as well as some very strong Shinobi’s under the Edo Tensei. Darui here faces Ginkaku and Kinkaku who are the Gold and Silver Brothers.

We start out with Naruto Shippuden 268 as the Feudal Lords are discussing what the name of the new decoration will be for the person who fights the best. It allows for there to be a standard so well-trained shinobi’s could try to get this medal. As this is going on, Black Zetsu tries to attack but finds out that he’s attacked the wrong Feudal Home, he disappears before the guards are able to capture him.

Mei Terumi tells one of the Feudal Lords that there are 5 homes, which they will be circulating, this allows them to escape from and prevent any enemies from catching up from there. This reassure’s the Feudal Lord. Black Zetsu swears that he’s going to take revenge, plus he mentions that the whole land is him and him only.

At the coastline area, where Darui’s Company is. Darui starts his attack by using his famous, Lightning Style Black Panther which electrifies hundreds of White Zetsu’s within that moment, instantly killing them. The other Zetsu’s as well as other Edo Tensei members jump above them. Tenten and the other use their Kunai’s by throwing it above them.

They both start attacking each other. Asuma and Dan notice that Choza is in front of them. Dan notices that he’s now all grown up. Choza starts out by attacking quickly. Hizashi is also there. He faces his brother Hiashi who tells him that he should no longer worry about their being a barrier between the main blood family and the second family protecting the main because both Hinata and Neji are fighting together as one for the Hyuga Clan. Hizashi tells him that he should now be killed by his own brother because it’s the right thing to do.

Kankuro and his team keep on going when they are faced by 4 members who are under the Edo Tensei, this includes Granny Chiyo and Hanzo. Kankuro is congratulated by Granny Chiyo for beating Sasori. Kankuro make the plan for retreating because they have no chance of defeating these four because of the current level they are at.

Shikamaru and the others get the orders. They are for Shikamaru to take some soldier to where Darui’s company is. Temari things that it’s a bad idea but Shikamaru agrees with the plan because his father had come up with the plan of course, plus it’s likely to work. Shikamaru also tells them that they also have the power of Kekkei Touta.

He goes on to explains that people are usually born with one power to which they are able to train to attain. But there are others which have the ability to have 2 types of chakra, they are Kekkei Genkai. Then there are people who are able to have 3 types of chakra nature. This is what is called Kekkei Touta which allows them to mix all these types of chakra nature to reveal an even more powerful style and powers. Onoki meets up with Gaara.

Darui’s company keep on fighting with the Zetsu’s as well as the Edo Tensei users. A lot of Zetsu’s get destroyed here but so do a lot of the shinobi’s. Darui goes on forward to face Ginkaku and Kinkaku, the Gold and Silver brothers. He mocks them by telling that he’s going to defame them because he’s going to beat them using his Gale Style. Naruto Shippuden 268 ends here!

What a nice episode. Although there weren’t any big fights I’m expecting some awesome ones next week! Also I’ll have to mention that this episode did somewhat drag as I was expecting Darui to fight the Gold and Silver Brothers! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 269 when Darui and Samui will fight the brothers! Also a lot about these brother will be revealed, specially that they were swallowed by Kurama to obtain some of his power. It’s going to be an epic episode!

There are 2 comments


    How did the gold and silver brothers not die when they were swallowed by kuruma.How did they learn to control this power


    1. Sunite

      Its not been fully explained but it seems that they have special powers or something that allowed them to stay in Kurama’s stomach for a few weeks absorbing their chakra…


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