Kabuto deploys Mass Edo Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 261

We return to the Fourth Shinobi Wars, after those fillers about Naruto and Sasuke’s past. Naruto Shippuden 261, just reminds us of what’s going on before we left for the fillers. The Shinobi Force are now gathered and ready to go on a head. There’s some issues because they are all from different place. Tobi and Kabuto start to send out some of the more powerful shinobi’s. Such as the Jinchuuriki’s, Hanzo and Zabuza. War begins when they all head out to war.

The episode starts off with everyone getting informed of who the captains are of the different sections. Gaara being the Commander-in-Chief as well as the Captain of the Long-Range Battle Uni. The Mid-Range Battle Unit captain being Darui. The Close-Range Battle uni captain is Kitsuchi. The Intermediate-Range Battle Unit captain is Kakashi. The Special Battle Unit is captained by Mifune.

Somewhere near the base of Tobi and Kabuto. A member of the Allied Force uses his Byakugan to allow himself to spot that there are many members being sent using Kabuto’s Edo Tensei out to war. Anko Mitarashi tells the members to go out so they can deliver the intel giving them an advantage. They then go as soon as possible.

Some of the dead Jinchuuriki’s are spotted leaving. Yugito, Yagura, Roshi, Han, Utakata and Fu are leaving as their Edo Tensei is being implemented into them. We also spot Itachi, Kakuzu and Nagato all together. Hanzo is also being used by the Edo Tensei. Haku and Zabuza with a few other members are being sent another way.

At the base, Tobi and Kabuto are with Sasori and Deidara with two other shinobi’s. Sasori and Deidara are told to go on ahead to lay traps for other people to get under. Another members, Chuchiki is told to work as their sensory members, also discovering more intel.

Tobi asks Kabuto if all the Edo Tensei subjects are working as they should. Kabuto tells Tobi that there are too many reanimated shinobi’s which is difficult to control them all, but as they are all mobilized, he will be able to control all of them. Then all the memories will be turned into nothing just leaving them as only a killing machine.

Asuma, Dan Kato and Hiashi are found to also be alive. They are all being controlled by the Edo Tensei, they all know that there’s going to be a fight. Asuma suspects that something terrible is going to come there way.

Kabuto asks Tobi if he’s going to send out the Black Zetsu, Tobi tells Kabuto that he’s going to be kept close to Sasuke so nothing wrong happens to him because he’s really important for them. Kabuto is told by Tobi that he is also there so he doesn’t get close to them. The 100,000 Zetsu’s have been sent underground so it makes sure that there isn’t anyone suspecting them.

The few members which left Anko, are running as quick as they can. Anko finds Kabuto outside. She sees that he has changed slightly. They fight for a while and in no time, Kabuto poisons her with a snake. She doesn’t have the antidote for this snake, so she collapses.

Deidara and Sasori spot the three members, one of them with the Byakugan powers holds up so he can give them more time to do something. Back at the place where there’s a lot of the 80,000 shinobi’s.  They start to get into a row where they bring up past memories. They insult each other.

Gaara splits everyone’s fight and tells them a great story about Naruto. He had saved him when he was a little younger. When he was covered with hatred and no other feelings, he was saved by Naruto. At he’s near death moment, Naruto helps him to get back to life after he lost his beast. He explains this to everyone, they all feel his pain and all shout in excitement.

Back with Naruto, Killer Bee gives him a final task, this is a hard objective to complete but I’m sure he’ll be able to complete. Gaara and the others have now gone out and are quickly running to where the fight will occur with the help of the Back Up Medical Unit, Sensory Unit and Commando Unit. All the Kage’s are also now in place, they all have their mean faces on and are ready to win!

What a fantastic start to the Fourth Shinobi War! I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 262, where a few of the fights will start. The story will evolve and the fights will get much crazier. There’s one person I’m still waiting to see in the battle field, that’s Madara Uchiha!

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  1. LadyRissa

    Deidara and Sasori hot as always even undead haha too cute when he said the artsie duo 😍❤️ And Gaaras soeech is just mindblowing and had me in tears well done Gaara


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