Yukino Agria Striped from Sabertooth – Millianna talks to Erza – Fairy Tail 281

Another fantastic Fairy Tail 281 chapter. In this chapter, we see both Erza and Jellal talk about what’s occurring currently in the games, they sense nothing yet making it even more suspicious. As she goes home, she meets one of her old friends from when she was still young, Millianna. At the headquarters of Sabertooth, Gemma, Sabertooth’s Master, gives Sting one more chance to not mess up. Yukino Agria is also told to strip in front of everyone as well as remove the stamp of the Sabertooth.

We start of the chapter with the Quatro Cerberus’s Guild Name temporarily being changed to Quatro Puppy. At a corner of a bridge, Erza and Jellal, as Mystogan, talk about the magical energy which is felt by them every year except this year. This magical energy is somewhat related to the magical energies of Zeref’s. Erza wonders what this means, Jellal tells her that there are many possibilities for this happening.

One of them could be that it could be a person whose energy is released, they may have not come this time. Or, the person maybe in the city but had not yet used any of the magic. It could also be a participant who hasn’t made an appearance yet. Perhaps it is coming from a device, there could be some kind of filter which nullifies the magical energy so people can’t sense it. Jellal will still keep looking, Erza tells him not to over do it.

As Erza walks on, one of the members of the Mermaid Heel approaches Erza, she looks very familiar to Erza, when she takes her hood off, Erza sees that it was Millianna. Her childhood friends from when they were both slaves at the Tower of Heaven. Millianna lunges herself at Erza in laughter and they both give each other a big hug.Millianna tells Erza that she’s joined Mermaid Heel while her friends are still travelling around. They get in touch from time to time.

At the Sabertooth Lodging, their master, Gemma repeats the reason for Sabertooth being there. To make the skies roar… To man the Earth boil… To make the seas silent, This Is Sabertooth. Gemma calls out for Sting first, he tells him not to mess up one more time because he had come last in one of the events.

Gemma calls for Yukino Agria next. He throws a bundle of grapes at her face. He shouts that she had made a bad wager up against the enemy, she was also pitied by the enemy which is even worse. They call themselves Sabertooth for a reason. Yukino accepts the punishment from Gemma. Yukino is asked to strip everything off. She is then told erase the Sabertooth stamp which she has on her belly. She accepts and kneels down to thank Gemma for everything even when she’s fully naked.

After a while, Sting and Rogue talk about what had happened to Yukino. Sting tells him that what happened to her was because she is weak, plus the strongest guild did not need her. Frosch also asks Rogue if he will also disappear since he’s weak. Rogue tells him that he wont because Rogue is there to protect him.

Fairy Tail A, go around talking about where everyone else might be, Gray had been taken by Lyon and the others. Natsu reminds them of Erza, they think of where she might be at. As they go on and find their lodging, they find themselves seeing Yukino Agria.

Somewhere, sitting down on a park bench. Millianna and Erza talk. Millianna tells Erza that she had to see her as soon as possible. She also mentions that her team member, Kagura is really strong and that she has never drawn her sword open because it could cause too much trouble. That sword was specially made for one man, and one man only. Jellal Fernandes, she mentions that Jellal had stolen everything from Kagura and that the sword is going to kill him. Millianna, then reminds Erza that he’s also to pay for her losses, thus she is likely to help. Fairy Tail 281 ends here.

Even though Fairy Tail 281 didn’t have any fights, it was an awesome chapter for which a lot of background information was covered with what happened to Yukino Agria and who the mysterious girl with the hoodie was. Next week’s Fairy Tail 282, “Ten Keys and Two Keys”, as the title suggests it will mostly be covered with talk of Lucy and Yukino Agria because they are both Celestial Spirit Mage’s.

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