Battle Begins – Renji vs Jackie, Ikkaku vs Moe – Bleach 363

Today’s Bleach 363, was one of the most amazing episodes made in some time. The Battle between the Shinigami’s and Fullbringer’s has begun and it has just started to get interesting! Renji finishes his fight with Jackie as well as Ikkaku and Moe as for Yukio and Toshiro, they both make a deal. While Byakuya and Tsukishima are still talking and Ichigo vs Ginjo has not yet begun.

The fantastic battle begins with Uryu Ishida telling Ichigo that something like this was going to happen, since it was given to Ichigo with some story behind it. Therefore he predicted that there would have to have been another Substitute Shinigami before him. At this moment Ichigo kicks Uryu’s behind and tells him to shut up.

As Zaraki vs Giriko battle ends, he notices that there is no one else there. Zaraki tells himself that he should get going home since he is bored there. Yachiru pops up from Zaraki’s back with a similar look to one she had before, although she has a new hair pin which features a bones. She tells him that they promised Yamamoto that they would come together and leave together.

At this point, Toshiro is looking for Yukio, Riruka is sending out cuddly toys at Rukia making it easy for her to shoot her. At this moment, Tsukishima try’s to attack Byakuya from the back, and notices that Byakuya’s Senbonzakura has already been scattered.

We move onto the dimension where Moe and Ikkaku are fighting, we see that Moe is fighting like an idiot by destroying anything in his path, which decreases his chance of gaining the Jackpot he needs to get a hard hit. Ikkaku looks at him to see that how his Fullbring works.

Moe pops from behind and suddenly smashes Ikkaku’s left shoulder. Ikkaku then uses his muscles in his arms to locate his shoulder back into place so he could. Shocked Moe charges ahead to defeat him using his Jackpot Knuckles.

We now go into Renji and Jackie Tristan’s dimension. He says that he will not attack first as a person who attacks a woman is a scum, he says. Renji then notices the motor Jackie has on her shoulder. She then boosts it to release dirty oil which activates her Dirty Boots.

She then tries to attack Renji, she misses the first time and attacks him on his chest. She didn’t expect him to move such a small distance when attacked. Renji then tells her to do that again. This time she goes head on, now it is clearly blocked by Renji.

He the defeats Jackie by just opening his sword and directing it to her stomach. This making her unconscious. Once she wakes up, Renji notices why they aren’t back to normal after she’s been defeated. She tells him that one of them need to die before it opens. Yukio then starts to close the dimension as it starts to fold.

Jackie, at Renji’s side tells him that she would want someone like him to save him. She then releases a technique which causes both her and Renji to disappear, closing the dimension. At this moment, it is unknown which one of them have died or still live.

Toshiro finds Yukio on his computer. He attacks and noticed that Yukio holds the power to change what ever he wants within his dimension. Yukio then gets a large monster which he tries to scare Toshiro with. It doesn’t work, so he unleashes a bunch of them on Toshiro.

Toshiro tricks Yukio into talking about his family and making him forget about Toshiro’s plan. At this point he is not able to view the battle as he should since he only wants to kick Toshiro’s ass for what he said about him being an orphan.

Toshiro appears behind Yukio and pushes him onto his ice freezing his feet. The monsters were set to follow and kill Toshiro no matter what, they followed him there while Yukio was in front of him causing him to die, but before this Toshiro kills the monsters in one slice using his ice.

Toshiro then freezes most of Yukio’s body to deal with him to ask him to shut of the technique within five minutes or else he will be killed by Toshiro’s hand. We move onto Ikkaku’s dimension. At this point when they are both revved up, Ikkaku launches his Hozukimaru, Moe smashes the wooden bit in an instant.

This upsets Ikkaku and causes him to go head to head with Moe in a wild fist fight. Moe then notices that even with his Jackpot knuckles, he isn’t able to stop Ikkaku as the effect of his knuckles are wearing off. At this moment, he concentrated and attacks Ikkaku at a vital spot, but unfortunately Ikkaku headbutts him making him unconscious.

He then mentions that he hit the correct spot, but the amount of power that he had used was weak since he could have directly killed Ikkaku by just that one punch. At this moment he says that he is the Luckiest man on the Gotei 13.

We move onto the dimension where Byakuya and Tsukishima are located. At this point they are both coming with a plan which they could use to attack one another. Tsukishima cuts a leaf in a half and touches the floor which he is in. Tsukishima steps forward and Byakuya opens his Senbonzakura. Here the episode ends!

WOW, that was an epic episode! I really can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 364 when Byakuya will certainly kick some Tsukishima ass. Also, don’t forget that Ichigo and Ginjo are still fighting.

What do you think?

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