Quincy’s Empire declare war on Soul Society

So, I’m going out on a limb here and say that the people who just invaded Soul Society are Quincy’s. So these Quincy’s seem to be real serious on how they approach Yamamoto since they had easily entered Yamamoto’s private chamber.

The person who talks in this place would usually be the person who has the most power, who is the leader of this pack, and also has an average height between them. Would usually be the person who’s in charge.

As with the title of the latest Bleach 483, was “KriegsErklärung” which translates into “Declaration of War”. For those who aren’t familiar with the language, Yes that’s German. And with the word “Van Den Reich” it means “Of The Empire” or “Of The Kingdom”, again German.

As for these 7 Mysterious Quincy’s, I predict that they are by no chance the leaders of the Empire. They could just be the foot soldiers which could be the right hand mans of the King of that empire.

As for Ivan Azgiaro, he could just as well be a part of the Empire, which was again sent out to gather info on their Substitute Shinigami. As Soul Society think that Ichigo is beneficial to them, they had given Ichigo it. It would be better for the Empire to keep an eye on Ichigo due to his huge reiatsu.

The Empire announced that they would attack Soul Society in 5 Days, which personally is a pretty good idea, giving Soul Society 5 days to prepare for war will be tight but I’m sure that they could manage to get everyone’s help.

As I think about this arc, “Thousand-Year Blood War”, more and more, I personally think that when the war actually begins, Ichigo and his friends, which could include Grimmjow and Nel, will go to the location where the Van Den Reich is located and attack it from inside.

If your not tired of exploring other worlds in Bleach, such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, then this will be awesome for you, because, It’s been predicted that we’ll be taken to another mysterious world which is mostly filled with snow and ice. I’m predicting that there will be a large castle made of ice, which will be regarded as the Empire/Kingdom.

If you want to check the spoiler’s out, check [SPOILER] The Thousand-Year Blood War – Final Arc.

What do you think?

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