Tsunade’s Byakugou – Naruto 577

Naruto’s latest chapter 577, named “Sword of Hatred” is absolutely mind blowing! As the manga develops, it just makes me think how awesome the anime will be when it comes to the fights! In this, Tsunade fights mostly alone with Madara. While Sasuke still follows Itachi to find the place where Kabuto is located.

We start this amazing chapter with Tsunade facing off Madara, she starts to tell Madara about how one can grown stronger by inheriting the will of the deceased, as she did with Hashirama.

She explains how important a Medical Ninja is when it comes to saving people’s lives, she states the rules. Rule No.1 Never give up on treatment, Rule No.2 Medical Ninjas are not allowed to fight and Rule No.3 Medical Ninjas have to be the last to die in the team, then she adds a final forth, which states that only those who have mastered “Byakugou”, The Mitotic Generation Justu are allowed to break the first three rules.

At this moment, the others Kages become shocked that Tsunade have this ability to use. Madara unfortunately had not heard of the Byakugou before, so he is yet surprised to see how it works. Madara as always is not very surprised to see that her powers have increased dramatically.

At this point, Tsunade attacks Madara’s Susanoo, she is slower than the Raikage, but stronger than him. The Katon Wildfire Extermination, Suiton Waterspout and Suiton Dragon Flood are launched by individual Kage’s to crack Madara’s Susanoo.

At the end of that attack, the Raikage awaits to crack the Susanoo from the back, he uses his Weighting Rocks!! Lightning Horizontal Chop Storm. While Tsunade then goes to kick the Susanoo from the front.

Here most of the Susanoo then starts to fade away. As it does this, Madara is pushed back and hit somewhat hard. Madara then starts to mock the Kage’s as they are nothing compared to the Hashirama, they aren’t even able to get a proper hit on Madara himself.

Madara then goes on to say that the thing that was passed down to Tsunade and the others from the Senju clan was Hatred. We now move onto where Choji’s father, Choza and Tsunade’s friend, Dan are located. He finds out that she is now the Hokage. He also warns Choza to go and look for Kabuto’s hide out as it is the only way to stop Madara.

As Tsunade gets a direct hit on Madara, they all think that Madara has now been captured and thus it is now easy sailing for all of them. Gaara uses his Ultimate Sandstorm Funeral to capture him.

Out of no where, Tsunade is stabbed by Madara’s technique. They all find out that Madara is able to use Hashirama’s Mokuton Clone Jutsu which enabled him to escape from the deadly Sandstrom Funeral. This seems as though Tsunade has now been killed and captured by Madara so easily.

As Sasuke follow Itachi, he summons many crows which block his site as well as divert him from where he’s going. Itachi wants Sasuke to stay put. Itachi crushes the wall to get through to find Kabuto by himself. Itachi explains that the risk with the jutsu is that it can be tracked back to the source which Itachi did.

Kabuto explains that the Edo Tensei, or Impure World Resurrection can only be stopped by Kabuto himself, therefore Itachi isn’t able to kill him at this point. At the moment, Sasuke wasn’t fooled by the trickery that Itachi had as you can see his silhouette in the background. The chapter ends here.

That was an amazing fight between Tsunade and Madara. But unfortunately, shes near death. So what do you think the other Kage’s will do? Find out on next week’s Naruto 578 chapter.

There are 2 comments

  1. dreager1

    Yeah, Naruto was the best chapter of the week from the shounen series even defeating Bleach! The Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto fight is gonna be awesome! also I’m glad Madara pwned because if he lost like that I would have been sad. He has the sharingan after all!


  2. SpaZI

    Nice to finally see some action…… The Mutated Senju-Madara is definetly on another level….. Way beyond what the Kages can collectivly muster up….. and He hasnt even used his Sharingan abilities yet….. 😦
    The Kages need Madara Summoned of somewhere or face extermination with extreme prejudice….. Though Tsunade might not die yet! bcuz of her regeneration tech,… but as a consequence of the forbidden technique she just might….. Eternal Comatose like after figth with Pain or maybe just drop dead like after opening the The 8th chakra Gate (Taijutsu user= Sai / Might Guy)…..
    Anyways…. I hope Kabuto Re-Summons Madara to fight against Itachi & Sasuke, (I suppose Itachi / Sasuke Tag Team wud be too much to handle for noob-Kabuto).. just in time to save the Kage’s lives tooo…..
    Now that figth wud be epic!!!! as madara’s Sharingan ability advantage wud be nullified against the Uchiha brother DUO!!!! with only his Senju abilities to be taken care of by them….. 😀
    That wud sort of balance out Madara….. 2 badass Uchiha’s, the strongest of the current generation AGAINST!!! the uber Crackling-Badass mutated Madara with Senju COHONES!!! 😀


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