Ichigo’s Evolution – Fullbring to Two Zangetsu’s

ichigo_evolution_2_____bleach_424___543____by_inec_dve-d6b3rb9Ichigo Kurosaki has gone through a number of amazing changes, from his normal Zangetsu way at the start during his fight against Zaraki to his Final Getsuga Tensho, and now begins his latest journey as the image correctly shows. This image in particular includes Ichigo’s most current form which is his amazing Two Zangetsu’s!

Ichigo has travelled a long way, from the beginning of the image at the bottom, he had just lost his Shinigami powers, he then goes on to find Ginjo and the Fullbringers who help him to gain his Fullbring. After correctly obtaining it, he see’s his powers quickly being taken away from him by Ginjo, the man who had taught him how to use it.

After Rukia’s arrival, Ichigo looks back and see’s he’s been stabbed, he wonders why she of all people would do that. He quickly notices that it’s not a normal sword but in fact one which will restart his Shinigami powers, he transforms into his Shikai form and quickly into his Bankai! He rightly defeats and kills Ginjo. After the Quincy’s invade Soul Society Ichigo only wants to help, but after meeting Juha Bach, his Bankai is quickly taken away from him as it breaks.

He starts another journey, this time meeting Squad 0, they all know about Ichigo, however he knows nothing about him. Ichigo goes through a number of challenges to find that his mother, Masaki, was a Quincy and his father, Isshin, was a Captain. He even talks to Ol’ Man Zangetsu to find that he’s not Zangetsu but in fact Juha Bach from 1000 years ago. The real Zangetsu is the Hollow Ichigo he’s been facing all his life. From learning this, he quickly forms another bond and thus he obtains two amazing swords in a dual wield fashion. InEc-Dve made the awesome image, go and check them out.

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