Power of the Snake – Gin Ichimaru

Gin Ichimaru is known to have the power of the snake, he acts like one and has the abilities that of a sneaky snake. Gin never started out as a snake, rather he was a caring individual who did all he did in order to make sure that Aizen was never able to get the power he desired, but at the end of it all, we saw Gin lose his life as he was outsmarted by the one he tried to keep close.

This fantastic Gin Ichimaru fan art was done by Sunsero, if you like what you see here, be sure to check out the work done by them as they seem to have a lot of artwork from a bunch of amazing anime and other sources. Also, be sure to share this with other fans of Bleach and Gin Ichimaru.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I really like Gin because he played the part of Aizen’s servent so well that it made him partly evil as well. I consider him an anti hero if nothing else.

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