Saving Sumire! Mitsuki’s Orders – Boruto 14

Boruto 14 see’s Boruto Uzumaki entering the world of Sumire and Nue as he has to fight him, he notices a change in his eyes as he can also now see chakra points which he later uses to attack Nue. All while Mitsuki helps set him up to trap Nue in order to find and fight Sumire as per his order. Boruto manages to help Sumire escape, while her inner world collapses, she finds that Nue has not entirely disappeared but is actually a lot smaller, she can still help him.

Boruto 14 was actually pretty good. Lets go ahead and discuss the chapter a little and see what happens from there onward. So as mentioned earlier, the episode was actually pretty good. I thought the determination that Boruto had to save Sumire from her own vision of what she had to do was very reminiscent of what Naruto was all about. I found it to bring a lot of memories back, especially when Naruto tried to save his own team mates.

Mitsuki’s interest in Boruto grows more and more, and even in this episode, we see Boruto find himself at a crossroad where he could help Sumire or not. He definitely does and Mitsuki notices this and how he would have never ever come to such a conclusion. It seems like Mitsuki never thought Boruto could do it, but actually he has the qualities to save others.

On top of which, Sumire seems to have a deep relationship with Nue, which seems to be a positive one as she is helped by Boruto to realise that if he asks Nue to blow up then it’s similar to what her own father asked her to do, so she tries to avoid this. This is when she hears her own mothers voice telling her the future she wants Sumire to have, which is actually what this episode entails as it brings forth peace for Sumire and her future, even Sai promises that he’ll do his best for her not to get hurt.

I liked this episode, so what are your thoughts on the episode overall? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think before I cover the next Boruto 15, titled “A New Path” where we see the class back at it again trying to rebuild their school once more.

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  1. nectarinia

    Well… I think this episode is “decent”, nothing special, just Sumire got “talking no jutsu”-ed by Boruto.

    One small thing, did you noticed when Boruto got stabbed in his left arm? He didn’t hurt AT ALL. Even he could move his left arm in the end of this episode, like, seriously? I think the director and writer FORGOT how it feels when you got stabbed by knife or anything sharp…


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