Shojoji Defeated! Tento’s Courage – Boruto 14

Boruto 14 see’s Boruto fighting all of Shojoji’s men and beating them to a pulp, then fights Shojoji himself as he’s capable of moving really fast and pushing Boruto to max out all of his clones and even getting close to killing him. But Tento steps up and manages to attack Shojoji which allows Boruto to escape and attack when Shojoji is most vulnerable.

Boruto 14 begins:

  • Shojoji is asked by Boruto why he even has any business with Tento, thus he calls his goons and tells them to kill him. Boruto makes four clones and thus begins to quickly take out the enemy out one by one. Tento tells Boruto that Shojoji is capable of eating people.
  • Shojoji moves up quickly on Boruto but he moves away, then is captured by Shojoji and nearly eaten. Shojoji then mentions that he never learnt to eat, thus his appetite is a lot different. He mentions that he’d love to roast and eat him.
  • Shojoji launches himself towards Boruto, but Boruto launches lightning shuriken  but it is is deflected by Shojoji, it seems Boruto’s attacks do nothing as even his Rasengan does nothing. Seems like Boruto has to think of something here. He uses a smoke bomb and makes 4 clones.
  • Shojoji already knows that he can make clones, and thus counts down the number of clones that he can make. He counts all four clones when he finally meets the real Boruto, he grabs him and is nearly strangled but Tento appears out of nowhere and throws a shuriken.
  • This gives Boruto the chance to enable his Rasengan and use on Shojoji which absolutely destroys Shojoji and this thus means Boruto and Tento have won. Boruto 14 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Boruto has gotten just bit better, on top of which, there’s a tagline which mentions that Shojoji might have some sort of “secret” which will be revealed in the next Boruto 15 chapter.

What do you think?

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