Nue The Monster! Sumire Betrays – Boruto 13

Boruto 13 was actually pretty good, starting with Boruto learning from Mitsuki that Sumire Kakei is the true culprit and what is causing the problems around Konoha, and how her father is connected to the Foundation. On top of which, she releases the monster she’s been preparing to called Nue which begins rampaging, Kakashi and Naruto appear to try and get them but Mitsuki is ordered to eliminate Sumire, which he tries but Boruto stops and uses his eyes to transport Nue using his special abilities.

Boruto 13 was actually pretty good, from the previous couple of episodes, I honestly think that this episode is actually pretty good. Last couple of episodes saw the build up of Nue and Sumire and how this all might be related to Hashirama’s cells and we see it in this episode as we’re revealed to the Gozu Tenno which seems to hold Nue.

On top of which, it’s nice to see that something that started within the ANBU, and within the last series of Naruto is carried on here, especially after the Foundation was destroyed. On top of which, Sai still hasn’t gotten rid of his past. All while this happens, Mitsuki talks to something close to him who gives him orders, this time he was told to eliminate Sumire. I honestly think that the person giving him these messages is none other then Orochimaru.

At the end of the series, we see Boruto activate his eyes and a new power is shown, this time we see electricity come out of it which spurs the use of a Transportation jutsu which allows Nue to get away. I’m not sure if it is what cause it or if it was something else, but this definitely happened as Boruto get angry and while both of his friends were fighting. I guess his powers are determined by his emotions. Overall, a pretty good episode which left a lot to had.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think about this episode as we wait for the next Boruto 14, titled “The Path That Boruto Can See”, should be good!

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  1. nectarinia

    Me too, myself found that episode getting better BUT I’m 90% sure in the next ep Sumire got “talking no jutsu”-ed by Boruto then somehow she lose… oh well, I hope we got plot twist instead of this…


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, also think this as Boruto and others are unknown own to her story, so she might go on a story telling spree to let Mitsuki and Boruto know what’s up.


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