Acnologia Destroys! Fairy Sphere Book – Fairy Tail 542

Fairy Tail 542 see’s everyone worried for how they’ll face Acnologia, but he’s attracted to magic which chases down everyone as they head to the port. At the same time, Lucy manages to find out the Fairy Sphere book which allows them to also head towards the port, at which point Acnologia destroys all the ships. Acnologia also manages to beat down all the Dragon Slayers.

Fairy Tail 542 begins as everyone uses their magic but it does nothing. Acnologia uses his strike which hits Fairy Tail HQ, at which point a lot of them fall over, and so do the books. It seems like none of them are able to get a scratch on Acnologia. Yet it seems like Acnologia will only follow magic.

At the same time, Acnologia beats the dragon slayers one by one. He tells them that magic does not affect him. At which point Gray and others find a massive ship which seems like it’ll work. Erza forces herself to say that she’ll make sure to get Acnologia on the ship. All while Lucy manages to find the Fairy Sphere book.

The dragon slayers are down, while Cobra tells them that he’s also got friends, and he’s willing to do anything to protect them. Everyone runs towards the port while Acnologia chases. The other slayers also get up in an effort to squeeze any and all powers they still have. They go as fast as they can towards the port. Natsu mentions that it’s his last chance

Acnologia laughs while telling them that he’s only getting started.  Evergreen tells everyone to hold hands in order to prepare for Fairy Sphere. The others get to the port too, all whilst Acnologia flaps his wings and a number sparks appear. Everyone is forced to lay down as the waves of explosions hits all of the ships, even the one they picked for him. Seem’s like Acnologia has destroyed all of his weaknesses in instinct. Fairy Tail 542 ends here.

A chapter which definitely puts Fairy Tail mages back into their seat, seems like Acnologia won’t go down so easily, especially as there are only 4 chapters left in this series. Next week’s Fairy Tail 543, titled “Linked Hearts” see’s everyone’s heart join in unison.

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