Fairy Sphere! World Destruction – Fairy Tail 541

Fairy Tail 541 see’s the dragon slayers attacking Acnologia only to realise that they aren’t strong enough to even hurt him, this is because he is definitely the strongest dragon within this word. All while Acnologia outside see’s destruction of the world while Lucy comes up with the idea to use a defence magic and the port to somehow get Acnologia onto a boat and trap him using Fairy Sphere.


Fairy Tail 541 begins with Natsu and others attacking, Wendy even enhances their abilities, but Gajeel’s Dragon Sword does nothing, Sting and Rogue attack but they’re blown away. Cobra and Laxus try to attack but that too doesn’t work. Also Natsu is attacked. Acnologia mentions that he’s called the dragon king because he’s the strongest dragon in this world.

The others mention that there seems to be no way of stopping Acnologia, they mentions that they could try using magic or even weapons but Acnologia is too strong. However, Lucy seems to have an idea. A large explosion occurs which is quite close to them. Lucy mentions to get a large ship ready at Port Hargeon.

They think that by having Acnologia on a ship, it will mess up with his coordination and make him uneasy. During this moment, they plan on using a specific magic. They make a plan to split up to try to get Acnologia to go to the port. They plan to use as many Fairy Tail members as possible to create one of the three great magics of Fairy Tail, Fairy Sphere!

They are trying to trap him inside the sphere. In the Ravines of Time, Acnologia mentions that his physical body is ravaging the world, to which Natsu asks what his goal is. Acnologia tells him that it’s to destroy everything, he laughs. Natsu tells him that the world isn’t so weak that he would be able to destroy it.

At the port, members of Lamia Scales meet with Juvia and Gray who tell them that Acnologia is coming their way, and that they need to prepare a large boat. The others go to the Fairy Tail HQ to find a way to make Fairy Sphere, but cant seem to find the correct books for them to cast Fairy Sphere. Fairy Tail 541 ends here.

This was a decent enough chapter, seems like Fairy Tail special magics have all come in to use against Acnologia. Furthermore, since Hiro can’t get the dragon slayers to actually fight a life-sized dragon, it seems a bad alternative was to force Natsu and others to fight Acnologia’s human version, which seems like a cheap trick if you ask me. Nevertheless, next week’s Fairy Tail 542, titled “Instinct” will see what happens next.

There is one comment

  1. lemuel arvin

    i dont care if hiro is doing some bs lately, all i want is my boy laxus to have some more badass moment, he is the strongest dragon slayer(acnologia is not included)


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