August’s Father! Larcade Disappears – Fairy Tail 527

Fairy Tail 527 see’s August to be the real son of Zeref and Mavis, all while Zeref pushes Larcade and destroys his book.  Natsu and Zeref battle it out as they seem to have different opinions on who actually is right in terms of what family means. At the same time, August goes on a rampage as he’s willing to destroy everything around him to get rid of Gildarts and Cana, when he lays his eyes upon Mavis and disappears.

Fairy Tail 527 is again a mixed bag of crap for me, so I’ll try to shrink the stupid bits. The chapter begins as Larcade calls Zeref father but Zeref cannot take it, thus he destroys Larcade’s book in order to get rid of him (Or it seems he gets sent somewhere else). Zeref mentions that he wasn’t his comrade or child, out of nowhere Natsu punches for what Zeref had just mentioned.

August gets up and mentions that he had a huge amount of magical power, he begins to power up and wills to use his power to take down the whole world. He rises up as the Earth around him begins to disintegrate. Mavis realises that this is an ancient magic ars, magia. Mavis tries to tell everyone to use defensive magic but the connection was already lost.

The only one to defeat Zeref’s son would most likely his mother is what August mentioned before, thus when August lays his eyes upon Mavis who is on the ground, he begins to disappear. Somehow the magic stops and August’s body begins to disappear. It first seems like August didn’t have much magic, but Gildarts realises that the look from Mavis disabled August’s chanting.

Out of nowhere, a young August appears behind Mavis but when she looks back he disappears. Everyone else is fighting, Gray and Lucy get to Mavis, it seems that she stole the END book which now has a hole. Mavis mentions that Natsu will triumph over Zeref, thus Mavis will eliminate Zeref. At that time, only they are capable of saving Natsu, this being their friendship.

Zeref mentions that things like family and happiness wasn’t allowed for him, that’s not what he thinks of family. Natsu shouts at Zeref tellin him that not being allowed or not allowed is nothing something he should be looking into, it is rather that you have to create happiness with friends and family.

Natsu mentions that if he is going to claim to have no family, then the bond he has with him must have disappeared. However, seems like Zeref might still have some emotions, to which Natsu tells him that those are what you call emotions. Fairy Tail 527 ends here.

These chapters, for me at least, are getting more and more ridiculous. I feel like after this arc ends, I might stop working on Fairy Tail manga chapters, maybe just review them monthly or something because the dialogue and story just aren’t what they used to be. Anyways Fairy Tail 528, titled “Evil Dragon” seems like it might be something about Acnologia.

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      1. dreager1

        No worries, I’m pretty sure this is the end for it. I can’t see it possibly going on after this madness. The film also seems like it’s a sign of the end. If it really does keep going on, that monthly idea of yours definitely sounds smart. At the very least, you won’t have to be writing about it every single week

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    It will be the final arc and when I found out abut it I didn’t feel shocked or bummed about it I just felt ok.

    When the anime comes back I don’t see myself watching it that much. Good thing I have a new job.

    But the part of August passing was sad I’m the type of fan who feels for the antagonist I like to see if there is a good reason why they are all crazy or on the opposing side. August died without any of his parents knowing of his true identity

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    1. Sunite

      Congratulations on the new job!!🎉
      Glad to hear that it’s ending soon. I doubt I’ll even touch the anime tbf. The fact that these strong enemies are dying like flies, with Eileen and now August, two strong people dying like nothing is stupid and insane. The story just doesn’t make any sense to me, and yeah it’s sad that they didn’t know his true identity, and the hint when his young self appear was also quite sad :(.

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    Hey man if you want to still making reviews, maybe you could start reviewing One Piece and Attack On Titan when the chapters and episodes come out, it would be more fun.

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    1. Sunite

      I have caught up with One Piece anime, i believe that the anime is really slow in terms of progress so i might work on doing bi-weekly reviews for it. And attack on Titan should also be good when it’s out. There’s just so many things coming out next season that I’m hyped for.

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