Hinata’s Day! Gift Mission – Naruto Shippuden 499

Naruto Shippuden 499 follows Hinata and her day as she meets with her friends, her team as well as Kakashi and Iruka, all whilst she thinks that her friends are acting weird, learning about the mission of finding the best gift leads her to talk to Kakashi and Iruka about it. Hinata’s friends decide on working shifts during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding in order to make sure that no one bad invades into the village during this time.

Naruto Shippuden 499 begins as Kakashi goes through some of the gifts that some of the other shinobi’s are looking into getting for Naruto and Hinata. Later on, Hinata meets with a wandering Kakashi who is unsure about what he should do about the gifts. Hinata talks about Naruto and how he is as everything seems to be going well.

Iruka is having some ramen when Konohamaru is looking into getting Iruka to give a message but he doesn’t have a message yet as he first thought about Gaara giving him a message as a friend, but Iruka doesn’t know what to do as he thinks of him as a friend, in this process, he gets angry and breaks a bowl. Seems like Iruka has given this a lot of thought.

Hinata meets with Tenten, Sakura and Ino who are all wondering how she is doing with Naruto, all when Sakura nearly gives up the mission whilst doing this. Hinata and Naruto know nothing about this. Later on, she meets with Team 8, who also nearly give up the mission about the gifts.

She realise that she friends are acting weird. Tsunade walks into the village as she talks to about what Kakashi did, and what the whole thing means when it comes to judging the gifts. Kakashi is thinking about this, while Konohamaru overhears Tsunade talking about this. Hinata overhears everyone trying to get information from Konohamaru that she hides to hear what they’re saying about how they will have to sacrifice their spot to be at the wedding so they can let someone else be there.

Hinata finds Kakashi and says that she’s sorry about this, she knows all that is happening, and that she is giving him trouble about choosing who can go and who can’t. Kakashi decides that he’ll figure something out and goes back to his office. He finds everyone there as they all decide that they will take shifts and find ways for all of them to make it, regardless of how much time they spend.

Tsunade also appears and mention that these rules are from the past, and that the situation is a lot different. Kakashi tells them that he’ll sort something out. Iruka notices that Hinata is a little upset, he quickly thinks that Naruto did something wrong. She laughs as they talk about the wedding and all the trouble people have been going to, he tells her that Naruto will always be part of the village as well as them.

Konohamaru tries to chase Iruka down when Kakashi gets an idea to grab Konohamaru and go to the Sand Village, he tells them to help as it seems like asking them for help would be the best idea. Then Konohamaru gets his camera out to get Gaara to say a message, he just drowns them in sand. Naruto Shippuden 499 ends here.

A pretty good episode, seems like we’re getting closer and closer to Iruka’s message for Naruto and Hinata. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 500, titled “The Message” features Iruka’s message and lots of awesome things of the wedding too.

What do you think?

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