Zeref Kills Larcade! Father and Son – Fairy Tail 525

Fairy Tail 525 seems like another challenging chapter where you don’t know if you should like or dislike. Still we follow August vs Gildarts and Cana with Natsu vs Zeref carrying on. All while Larcade slowly crawls to help Zeref fight against Natsu and obtain the Fairy Heart. However, Zeref suddenly shoots through Larcade defeating/killing him instantly, seems like he won’t survive. While Gildarts gets absolutely angry when he learns that August wants to kill Cana to see his reaction.

Fairy Tail 525 begins as Gildarts get angry and goes full in as August previously mentioned that he wanted to kill Cana. Gildarts quickly gets shut down onto the ground, then tries to push up, but August uses his staff to shock Gildarts. Cana calls out as she wants to go in and attack August too, she uses her cards to push August back. All while Gildarts tells her to stay back.

She asks for some space as she’s no longer a kid. She asks for some independence, all while he mentions that he could never let his little girl go. August asks why Zeref’s child could not be loved. Larcade slowly approaches the Fairy Tail HQ as he crawls on the ground. Natsu vs Zeref carries on as both seem to be evenly matched.

Natsu uses his Fire Dragon’s Roar, then tries to kick Zeref down. At the same time, Mavis gets in contact with Lucy and others there as she asks them to leave. She asks them to meet with her as she is nearby. She asks for them to believe in Natsu and her. She has a plan that can help all of them, thus must meet with her as it also concerns Natsu’s face.

Lucy tells Natsu not to lose as he grabs Zeref’s arm and smashes him on the ground. Zeref mentions that he must defeat Natsu here and now orelse the future of humanity is doomed. He also questions his own curse of contradictions and his own emotions as it seems that he’s giddy to fight against Natsu.

Out of nowhere, Larcade appears and tries to send Natsu to his slumber. Larcade tries to tell Zeref that he is there to help and try to kill Natsu as soon as he can as well as obtain the Fairy Heart. However, Zeref gets angry.

Out of nowhere, we go to the past as Precht tries to reveal secrets of the crystal Mavis is in. He tries to see if he should leave it or kill it, he decides to let it live. We return back to Zeref and Larcade. Larcade is hit by Zeref, by a black attack on the body of Larcade which seems to pierce him. Zeref tells him not to interrupt him, while August asks Gildarts and Cana why Zeref’s child, Larcade, is not loved. Fairy Tail 525 ends here.

A an okay chapter, seems like some bits and bobs, especially the chemistry of this chapter doesn’t feel right to me. It seems like a good chapter, but seems like there might be a few other things which is holding it back. Nevertheless, I like that Zeref is going ham! Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 526, titled “My Name Is…” might feature something good, not sure what exactly.

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    First of all, on whether Larcade is dead or not, I’m done discussion on whether someone is dead or not. But a serious chapter nonetheless.

    Also “My Name Is…” might feature something bad, could be I would prefer that…

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    1. Sunite

      I think this chapter was somewhere in the middle for me, Im not sure what it was from it. It does have some serious moments like what happened to Larcade, but I kind of agree that it he might not be dead, but close to death, that might happen in the next chapter, maybe.

      Next week’s chapter seems strange to me, not sure what it might offer tbh. Some of these namings are kind of strange until the chapter it out.

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