Boruto Defeats Momoshiki! Huge Rasengan – Boruto 9

Boruto 9 follows the movie quite well in that he is capable of using Naruto’s chakra to create a pretty huge Rasengan which is used to defeat Momoshiki, who also manages to create his own massive chakra based attack. It seems like Momoshiki didn’t think things through properly and gets caught easy somewhat easily.

So Boruto 9 begins like this:

  • Boruto manages to create a relatively small Rasengan which he launches against Momoshiki. It seems like it disappears midway as Momoshiki is about to absorb it. He ignores it but somehow he feels the after effects as an invisible force as it hits and causes the jutsu he used to trap the others to disappear.
  • Momoshiki questions the attack from Boruto, this is when Boruto tells Momoshiki that the attack was something even he couldn’t see, thus was unable to absorb it. Sasuke tells Naruto that if Boruto could learn the Rasengan, he would accept him as his student.
  • Previously, Boruto unconsciously created and altered the nature of the Rasengan he used, which was named the disappearing Rasengan. Naruto is impressed, so is Sasuke. Momoshiki moves to a high position and creates more resources for himself, then eat them.
  • He seems to be getting stronger as Naruto calls Boruto over, he tells him to create it again. Boruto makes the Rasengan, then Naruto places his hands below Boruto’s. The Rasengan begins to enlarge, bigger and bigger as it gets heavier and heavier. At the same time, Boruto feels Naruto’s past feelings with Jiraiya, Kabuto, Kurama as well as Neji’s death. Even memories from Naruto vs Sasuke, as well as those shared with Minato.
  • Boruto’s Rasengan gets so large. Boruto looks and realises how awesome Naruto really is, to which he cries a little, he plans on not losing here. Sasuke and Boruto only have one chance. Sasuke attacks launching his sword, then swaps with it. However, Momoshiki attacks him to which the sword was already Boruto’s clone that he transformed into.
  • He appears and cuts Momoshi’s eye on his hand.  However, Boruto gets choked here. However, out of nowhere, Boruto appears behind Momoshiki with the large Rasengan. At the same time, Momoshiki tries to attack back.
  • Both Rasengan and Bijuu Ball from Momoshiki collide. Boruto pushes on further even after his arm gets hurt. It somehow manages to disperse the attack from Momoshiki, then hits him head on. Furthermore, Boruto adds another spin to the technique which absolutely destroys Momoshiki.
  • The battle ends here as Boruto wins against Momoshiki. Sasuke notices that Boruto himself is completely different to Naruto, even his natural talent. The true essence of a ninja always remains the same, no matter how much the times themselves change. Boruto is just like Naruto. Boruto 9 ends here.

A pretty awesome chapter, seems like Boruto has finally got some respects from the other Kage’s and finally understands what Naruto has been through whilst he shared memories with Naruto when creating the Rasengan. On top of which, Sasuke will be his mentor, which is awesome in it self. Can’t wait for the next Boruto 10, which should be available end of February.

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