Shikamaru’s Mission! Land of Silence – Naruto Shippuden 489

Naruto Shippuden 489 focuses on Shikamaru’s story, we see Shikamaru’s life when helping Kakashi as the Hokage, we learn that Sai has gone on a mission to the Land of Silence with 10 other ANBU to figure out what is happening, especially what has actually happened with all the missing Shinobi. Shikamaru along with Ro and Hirako go on this mission.

Naruto Shippuden 489 begins begins as Shikamaru is working alongside others, Kakashi comes in looking for some work, he finds it when both go for a small break. It seems like Shikamaru is waiting for something to come by. He stays for a little when Kakashi comes in, they talk a little about the missing shinobi’s after the war.

The fact that there have been some stuff going around, and that Shikamaru is helping Naruto and all. Afterwards, he has to go to play with Onoki. Shikamaru easily beats him, afterwards Shikamaru goes to train, realising that he needs to train more. Then helps Kakashi open a new library. Afterwards, he goes to meet Ino and Choji at a BBQ.

They eat up, they also realise that they can no longer just be together all the time, they have grown up and have other things to do. Shikamaru is busy and has other things to do, thus cannot hang out with them. Next day, he meets with the other Kage reps to talk about what is happening with the Shinobi’s decreasing.

Later, he’s faced by Temari who tells him that they should just be with their own villages, but he gets slapped, she knew that there was something going on from the start. Later on, Kakashi and Shikamaru talk, he requests to visit the Land of Silence after receiving Sai’s message. They think it’s suspicious and that something could be going on.

Shikamaru asks for help from the ANBU, and thus receives Ro and Hinoko as aid. It seems like Shikamaru has some stuff to do before setting off, thus decide on going tomorrow morning. Shikamaru goes to talk to his father, Shika, as well as Asuma, he meets Mirai and Kurenai who compliment him on his work.

Next up, Shikamaru has a bad dream, he wakes up, gets ready to go when he meets Naruto. They talk a little about ramen and how Naruto could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shikamaru tells him that he will make Naruto the Hokage, no matter what, thus Naruto needs to go on missions. Shikamaru meets with Ro and Hinoko to go on the mission. Naruto Shippuden 489 ends here.

A pretty good episode, seems like a this story is just after the aftermath of war that happened before, seems like we’ll be meeting something interesting characters in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 490, titled “Dark Clouds”, should be good to watch.

What do you think?

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