The Hunter – Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha, a warrior known to many as one of the strongest members of the Uchiha. He is known for his expertise and ability to attack and defends. His true legacy left many people knowing his true self, in comparison to what everyone knows which was that he annihilated his whole village (correction: clan).


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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    Beautiful artwork. Just to clear something up… He didn’t annihilate his village. It was his CLAN (the Uchiha Clan) that he massacred, not the village. The Hidden Leaf village is made up of many clans, none of which were “annihilated” by Itachi. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece.

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  2. AnimeWorldDbnBlog

    Itachi had a pretty big reason for killing his entire clan as you must have known .For me /he really is a true Shinobi who protected his village in every possible way he could and not only that even after his death he kept on protecting The Hidden Leaf Village through many ways including SASUKE as a Protector – Atoning for his sins that he commited .

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    1. deucee9s2wylde

      Everything he did, he did for the sake of the Hidden Leaf village and Sasuke… EVERYTHING! In life, in death and in life after death (reanimation jutsu), he stayed loyal to his cause. He was one of the greatest shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village.

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