Two Hearts! Returning Home – Naruto Shippuden 488

Naruto Shippuden 488 focuses on the world that is ruined with evil, we see Chino and Fuushin finally see each other as one another in terms of protecting themselves. All while Sasuke tries to protect every shinobi that has been captured by the systems at the gambling place. The real reason for all of this was that En Oyashiro himself was the father of Chino, he guided Sasuke to protect Chino, somehow.

Naruto Shippuden 488 begins with Chino and Sasuke fighting, she releases and shows her abilities by controlling the red water around there. Sasuke is then attacked by multiple dragons, but quickly begins to cut their heads, one by one. Sasuke reaches Chino but she manages to cut and activate her ability, it heals.

Then it somehow begins to change as Sasuke cuts and begins to change until it explodes. Somehow, Sasuke had already enabled his Sharingan on Chino. She wakes up and mentions that she envies him, as he has people who love him and follow him no matter what. Sasuke explains that all this is because he has people who has shared the same pain, this is what will allow him to see the light of this world.

Fuushin appears hurt, she charges at him as he tries to protect him. Sasuke reminds Chino what he said before, to which Fuushin steps forward when she realises that Fuushin is there for her, and that they have shared so much, thus his death will mean nothing but bad on her. Hinata and Sakura both try to heal those that have been affected by Chino. Afterwards, Sakura would have wanted for Sasuke to come back.

Kakashi meets Chino, to which she takes all the responsibility, and that the Mizukage wants to help her, she had connections with the Mist before, thus she would like her to help them out regardless of the past. Plus, Sasuke also joins to fight in the ring, against all the Shinobi, allowing him to own all of them.

Chino is shocked, but Naruto walks in to tell him not to underestimate him, Chino learns that Sasuke has good friends. Hidden Cloud will take all of the Shinobi, and stop all the illegal betting happening. En Yashiro also disappears. Raikage also tells Sasuke about what Naruto had previously done for Sasuke, to prevent him killing Sasuke.

We learn now that En Oyashiro only set all of this up to prevent Chino, his daughter, from going crazy with all the bodies. Thus he somehow managed to convince Sasuke to go to Hell Valley and help Chino realise what she needed to. Sakura mentions that she just wishes for her to be with Sasuke, then punches Naruto. Sasuke decides to go back to the village. Naruto Shippuden 488 ends here.

A pretty good end to the series I think, see’s all of this happen, and most of the holes being closed within this episode, it was pretty good. Naruto Shippuden 489, titled “Shikamaru’s Story: A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of Affairs”, continues with Shikamaru’s story from the mini novels that were released a while ago.

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  1. dreager1

    Glad that at least this episode was good. Prepare yourself for the Shikamaru one though. While I thought the novel was decently good, Shikamaru looks incredibly unintelligent for some odd reason. Perhaps the moral was that sometimes the situation is simple and doesn’t need to be analyzed or something, but it felt a little off.

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