Exploding Human! Sasuke’s Story – Naruto Shippuden 484

Naruto Shippuden 484 begins a whole new story concentrating on the Naruto and Sasuke along with everyone else after the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. A new enemy appears where a Kekkai Genkai user takes over humans body which forces any wounds on them to cause them to explode, Naruto and others see it in the Hidden Leaf, now Sasuke sets off on his adventure to figure out whats happening.

Naruto Shippuden 484 begins as someone from a villages goes back home, he notices the man on the road as he asks him about his past and how he was part of the ANBU. The man on the road uses a technique which causes the individual from ANBU to fall on the ground. We return to the Leaf as Sakura talks to Kakashi about the missing people, Naruto is also there.

Kakashi is about to tell her about the investigation but there is an explosion near by the gate, they go to see what it is. They see zombie like individuals who are fighting. Ino notices that she knows one of them and how he visited her shop regularly. Shikamaru suggests that they could be under some genjutsu.

One of the defence forces attacks him, he bleeds and quickly begins to transform. His blood goes back and begins to cover his body. Naruto takes the others out of there as soon as he can as the man begins to transform and causes a large explosion. It hurts the other zombie-like individuals and also causes some problems.

The others get into the village and begin to also explode, Choji is asked to bring out his wings, to which he does to blow away the fire from the explosion. Naruto also helps with his Rasengan as it allows it to disperse the fire using wind. More and more people begin to show up, Hinata shows up as she check out their chakra signaling, to check if they’re under control.

Hinata cannot find anything, although she notices abnormalities within their chakra. She and others plan to disable them to further test them, this is done when Shikamaru uses his clones and Hinata her Byakugan and ability to hit chakra points. Later on, Sakura tries to fix them up, but cannot, thus the only other person to call in now is Sasuke as revealed by Kakashi, Sakura is happy.

Sasuke is outside the village when he gets the message, he notices an explosion nearby, he goes to see what is happening when he notices exploding humans. Two others show up and try to help the man from the village, Sasuke tries to help but is blamed for what has just happened. One of the others tries to fight Sasuke, but he uses his Fire Style, another tries to use Wing Style but Sasuke just dodges it.

Sasuke uses his Sharingan and disables the ones attacking with the exploding bodies to which the others notices that he is from the Uchiha. The kid mentions that she along with her friend are travelling entertainers. She goes to check on the people in the house where all the women and kids are, to which one of girls transforms and bleeds, which causes her house to explode in fire.

The old man blames Fuushin and runs into the fire. Sasuke asks who Fuushin is, to which he mentions that they are thieves who give back to the poor. They once tries to ask for help in the village but they were shouted away for bringing trouble. Sasuke learns of this and thus checks up on one of the others memories. He notices that the one controlling and causing these explosions is an Kekkai Genkai user, Naruto Shippuden 484 ends here.

This was actually a pretty dope episode, I really liked it. I didn’t think Naruto should deliver an episode such as this, but I am actually shocked. Can’t wait to genuinely see what happens in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 485, titled “Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part: Coliseum”, should be awesome.

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