Horrible Life-Size Naruto and One Piece Exhibit

Viva Plaza mall in Beijing recently setup a display of some popular anime characters like Naruto and One Piece. A lot of fans came by it and had a number of different opinions. Have a look at the images yourself, you are the judge.

With Naruto’s face and Rasengan looking terrible, he isn’t the only one getting the bad end of the stick. Boruto is next with a “B” on his headband, One Piece’s Ace and Luffy are also butchered. Robin’s forehead is also way too big, and Eren looks… well nothing like Eren.

Some individuals also mentioned that this work could have been work that of an elementary schools student.The mall did not get any rights to display any of the figures, especially Naruto. Pierrot China, the ones who own Naruto’s copyright in China responded to this by mentioning that Viva Plaza do not have the rights to display the figures and images.

Anyways what are your reactions to this exhibit? Go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think.

Source: ANN

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