Bleach Live-Action Movie Ichigo Costume Leak

We know that an upcoming Bleach live-action movie is coming in 2018, with that in mind, the cast seem to be on their way of filming the adaption. Apparently, some leaks have been popping online this week as fans look upon Ichigo and his Shinigami costume. There has been no confirmation if these images are actually part of the adaption live-action film.

From the images themselves, there has been a lot of criticism from fans about the costume that we see this Ichigo in. Some say that Ichigo’s live action sword looks like cardboard covered with silver paper, others say that it looks more like a “huge butter knife than a sword.” It’s also possible that the movie hasn’t yet begun filming, and this might be some sort of test location filming test, all we can is hope.

At this point, I’m guessing that the film shall include a ton of VFX to compensate for the costume Ichigo is currently wearing. I hope that more or better costume is worn. Nevertheless, it seems like a good start for the movie. So what are your opinions on this? Go ahead and comment down below to tell me.

Source: ANN

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  1. Gary Madison

    I would like to think that the people making this movie already knows all about previous fails with live action. Making a live action especially Bleach will take alot from anyone and everyone to get it right. I think people are way to quick to bash the effort that the studio is trying to do. I think that at some point a live action movie will be made that will blow people away. I hope that is this movie. You know it is going to cost a boat load of money to make this movie in special effects alone. So I will support this movie and have my fingers crossed that they get it right. As far as these pictures that have popped up..well it is way to early to be concerned. Besides it looks like a high school play or something,lol.

    Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it,lmao.

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    1. Sunite

      Yup, very well said. I think and hope that it’ll be a good movie but sometimes it just depends on the individual’s taste on what they like to see. I hope they try their best to make the best absolutely movie.


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