Fairy Tail 502 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 502 seems to give the folks at Fairy Tail the advantage as the story keeps on getting interesting. If you’d like to know what happens, read on otherwise go ahead and stop as spoilers ahead.

Fairy Tail 502 begins with Irene mentioning that it’s never taken this long to separate magic from someone else before, Zeref comes in as he tells her to stop, and that he wants to have a final conversation with her. The real Zeref appears behind him yelling that it’s not him.

It’s an illusion, it seems like this Zeref was Mavis’ specialty in tricking her to stop. Mavis mentions that she has to group with everyone, but it’s too difficult for her to do so as she’s in the middle of it all. Mest shows up out of nowhere and helps her get her out.

Gajeel is told by others that they’re hurt and that he should forget about them, but he also nearly lost his life, so if he hasn’t satisfied his current nakama, it would have all been for nothing. Levy appears and mentions to him that he’s promising to take her back to the guild.

Zera begins to fade as she mentions that she’s transparent because Mavis is regaining her consciousness, this means that Zera will disappear. Mavis remembers Zera, to which it gives her the chance to say goodbye one more time.

Lily now mentions that they seem to have one more thing to ask after winning, which is to enquire about Zera and Mavis’ adventures and how Fairy Tail all began. Dimaria mentions that Lucy killed Brandish and that she should ask her what sort of hell she should show her.

Porlyusica seems to have misdiagnosed Natsu from what she had mentioned before. It might actually not be a tumour that Brandish made smaller, it may have not been anti-etherial either, but rather something much worse. Fairy Tail 502 ends here.

Seems like the tides have turned as Fairy Tail might once again be getting their leader and regain their footing in this fight. Spoilers by YonkouProd. Can’t wait to see what next week’s Fairy Tail 503 will hold. What are your thoughts? go ahead and comment down below!

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